Doğu Perinçek, Worker’s Party leader: Free at Last!

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Our efforts in Turkey have found success in securing release of Comrade Perinçek yesterday March 10th, who suffered six years in Turkish prison.  Continue reading

From Syria to Kosovo, Cultural Enslavement and a New Resistance

Serbian_Radical_Party_logo small Interview by: Teša Tešanović


(Teša Tešanović is a journalist, philosopher, and an organizer of the Serbian Radical Party)

We are joined today by Joaquin Flores from the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies.  He is the director of the center, which while is clearly ideologically charged in some way, claims to be neither left, center, or right.



They are producing a combination of orthodox and heterodox material.  Today we want to learn a little more about the Center itself and also how they are approaching some of the general economic and geostrategic questions of the day, and also about the Kosovo question in Serbia.

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Belgrade Panel Discussion: “The Truth About Syria”

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Summary of the Belgrade Conference and Panel Discussion on Syria on the 18th December, 2013 (video below) Continue reading

Boycott the “National Chicano Moratorium Committee”

banner-658x215 by: Chimalli Cuetlachtli


Chimalli Cuetlachtli, National Commander
National Brown Berets


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August 2nd, 2013

In the course of our existence as an organization we have had to make the decision to distance ourselves from certain people or groups who do not uphold Chicano Revolutionary principles, are not sincere nor have integrity, and/or have sold out to other interests. While we have maintained relationships with non-Chicano organizations those people and groups have shown themselves to be sincere in their willingness to understand and accept our struggle as a valid one. There are people who have also made themselves enemies Continue reading