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Perspectives on Modernity in Crisis

 By: Ronald Thomas West The Decline of the West & its Shaping by Long-Standing European Misconceptions on the Essence of Society and Being t should be said first that the following observations offer a view that does not originate with … Continue reading

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Shaping the Discourse: CSS Activity Report to the Public

A Review of the Center for Syncretic Studies’ Recent and Upcoming Work s enumerated in our mission statement and “Our Goals” section, the Center for Syncretic Studies is committed to shaping intellectual and political discourse in an interdisciplinary, and ultimately … Continue reading

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From Socialist Revivalism to Socialist Futurism

 By: John Stachelski  A Review of Caleb Maupin’s Getting Rich Without Capitalism Caleb Maupin’s provocatively titled Getting Rich Without Capitalism: America’s Way Out (2018) is a collection of essays which cover a range burning political questions in geopolitics, economics, and cultural theory. … Continue reading

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The Economic and Geo-Strategic Function of the Ideological Abuses of Science in the Contemporary Occident

    By: Padraig McGrath Introduction: To understand why ‘scientism’, (the contemporary vulgarization of ‘the’ scientific method),  exists in a perpetual state of cuspness – promoting the view that scientific inquiry is always seemingly ‘on the cusp’ of a final … Continue reading

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Polish-Russian Relations: Russian Guilt and Polish Exceptionalism

   By: Andrew Korybko     he Center for Syncretic Studies is pleased to present another original academic piece, in full, from our Russian collaborator, Mr. Andrew Korybko. This analytic monograph was a previously in-house submission to the Moscow State Institute … Continue reading

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