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The Economic and Geo-Strategic Function of the Ideological Abuses of Science in the Contemporary Occident

    By: Padraig McGrath Introduction: To understand why ‘scientism’, (the contemporary vulgarization of ‘the’ scientific method),  exists in a perpetual state of cuspness – promoting the view that scientific inquiry is always seemingly ‘on the cusp’ of a final … Continue reading

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Polish-Russian Relations: Russian Guilt and Polish Exceptionalism

   By: Andrew Korybko     he Center for Syncretic Studies is pleased to present another original academic piece, in full, from our Russian collaborator, Mr. Andrew Korybko. This analytic monograph was a previously in-house submission to the Moscow State Institute … Continue reading

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The Russian Spring in Donbass

War and Statecraft in the Donetsk People’s Republic   By: Dmitry Muza – translated by Jafe Arnold Dmitry Evgenyevich Muza is a doctor of philosophical sciences, a correspondent-member of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, a professor at the Department of Sociology … Continue reading

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An Overview of Syncretism in Russia: Orthodoxy and Sovietism

By: Padraig McGrath The Synthetic Public Ideology of Putin’s Russia The reconstruction of the Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky is a microcosm of a broad social reality   ituated adjacent to the Crimean Parliament building in Simferopol, the newly rebuilt Cathedral … Continue reading

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Contact Lines: An Interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter

By: James Porrazzo – US Political Advisor to CSS, Founder of New Resistance pen Revolt is always pleased to feature the work of revolutionary journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter.  Recently, our own James Porrazzo had the chance to talk about recent world … Continue reading

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