Call for Papers


The Journal of Syncretic Studies for its second issue of the first volume (2019) of this journal is making a call for papers for a special issue: Brazil In Focus.

With the ascension of Jair Bolsonaro to the Presidency, Brazil has signified it is moving away from the so-called socialist Pink Tide that swept across Latin America with the aftermath of Hugo Chavez coming to power in Venezuela 20 years ago.

Brazil has traditionally been a neutral country in global affairs, however, with Bolsonaro in power and his desires to implement a neo-liberal economic system in the country and his open endorsement of Zionism, Brazil has announced its allegiance to the USA and Israel. This has ended Brazil’s neutrality and firmly moved it into the pro-NATO/imperialist camp.

This change in Brazil has serious ramifications for all of Latin America that is currently engaged in a power struggle between self-determination and sovereignty, and domination from Washington. Does this now threaten Brazil’s position in BRICS and Mercosur? Are minorities under threat with the new right-wing president? Will Brazil’s relations with China and Russia be significantly affected?

We invite submissions from academics, MA and PhD candidates, diplomats, decision-makers and activists to explore critical questions of Brazil in the 21st Century – from Pink Tide to Bolsonaro.

The complete paper is to be submitted no later than August  1, 2019. The Issue will be published within six months of the August 1, 2019 deadline.

Please refer to submission guidelines as articles not following this format will not be considered.

We look forward to receiving your manuscript so it can be considered.

To submit an article, please contact us at, with the title: “JSS Article Submission”.


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