The Crimean Tatars are ready to help Turkey to lay the way to Russia and Eurasia

mili firka By: Tesha Teshanovic

The Crimean Tatars are ready to help Turkey to lay the way to Russia and Eurasia

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From the begining of crisis in Ukraine and referendum on joining of Crimea to Russian federation, many of the western media have speculated what kind of efect will the crisis have on Tartar national minority that exists in Crimea. Many of them where supraised to find out that amoung the muslim population on Crimea there are a lot of pro Russian activists that didnt have a postive view on Kiev Junta goverment. In interview for serbian academic magasine, Vasvi Ambduraimov, leader of organization of crimean tartars “Mili Firka” talks about the history of his people and situation on Crimea.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself and your organization and its history, roots and influences?

– Milliy Firqa’s public organization (in translation from Crimean Tatar is the People’s party) was created in Crimea in 2006 when as a result of the aggressive nationalistic policy in Ukraine concerning “indigenous dwellers” the ethnic question of the Crimean Tatars was forced into a dead lock. And the policy of the accelerated assimilation of the Crimean Tatars by dissolution of the nation across the all territory of Ukraine was pursued by the authorities of Ukraine through the structure Kurultay Mejlis which was created by them. The base of the ideology of Milliy Firqa is the doctrine of the great educator of the East Ismail Gasprinski about Slavyano-Turkic unity on the open spaces of Eurasia as a necessary condition of the preservation and development of the Russian and Turkic worlds and their people within the united sociocultural matrix. Now the Crimean Republican Public Organization of Sociocultural Development of Milliy Firqa (such is the full legal name of our organization) is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation with the status of the legal entity. I have honor to head the Board of Milliy Firqa and to represent the organization at all levels.

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Dimitrios Papageorgiou and Joshua Tartakovsky: Syriza – Fraud or Savior of Greece?

Flag_of_Greece By: Tesha Teshanovic

Dimitrios Papageorgiou and Joshua Tartakovsky: Syriza – Fraud or Savior of Greece?

In order to give a picture of the moment, we decided to interview two people with opposing views on Syriza. The first one is Dimitrios Papageorgiou, a Greek right wing journalist from Athens, the second one is Joshua Tartakovsky, an independent left wing journalist and film maker from Jerusalem.

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What are your comments on the victory of Syriza at this elections?

Dimitrios Papageorgiou: It was something bound to happen. The New Democracy’s government had all the aspects of a government that was going to soon crumble.  And since the socialist party is almost non-existent nowadays, a big part of it is part of SYRIZA now, it was the only logical assumption that they too would gain power at some point.

Joshua Tartakovsky: The victory of Syriza has immense ramifications for Greece, Europe and even the world. For the first time in Greek history, a party that is truly on the Left, combining Communist, Socialist and Green elements, won the elections in Greece.

IMF Greece Financial CrisisIt should be remembered that it was the so-called socialist PASOK of George Papandreou, that agreed to the bail-out plans laid out by the Troika, which entailed austerity for the Greek people while the center-right party, New Democracy, continued this path. This austerity meant, in real terms, decline in wages, pensions being cut by 40%, the economy shrinking by 26%, wages declining, prices rising, and the government cutting down on health and education.

The Greek people saw no future in sight with austerity and recession,and if there is one place where neoliberal capitalism clearly failed, it is in Greece. Therefore, the Greek people decided to vote for a party that offered hope, writing off citizens debt, providing electricity for those who cannot pay and expanding the public sector, while, of course, ending austerity. The victory of Syriza is a radical change from business as usual in Greece. In a country where a military dictatorship was once the norm, and where the Greek Communists were massacred and betrayed by pro-Nazi collaborators and by Winston Churchill in 1945, a party whose many of its members comes from the Communist tradition is finally in power. Continue reading

Tribune: Russian Spring- The Ukrainian Crisis and Prospects of Federal State of Novorossiya

Small Logo By: J.V Capone

Tribune: Russian Spring- The Ukrainian Crisis and Prospects of Federal State of Novorossiya

old-english-calligraphy-alphabet-the following is a translation of an article about this public educational, co-sponsored by the Center for Syncretic Studies, which appeared in New Serbian Political Thought (NSPM) Magazine, in Serbia.  Оргинал на српском се може наћии на овом линку – The original can be found here: Трибина ”Руско пролеће- украјинска криза и перспективе Новорусије” .  It covers last week’s public educational ‘Tribunal’ led by several of Serbia’s geopolitical analysts, for the residents of Sremska Mitrovica. The presentations were given by  Milos Milojevic, Joaquin Flores, & Dragana Trifkovic. Continue reading

European Solidarity Front for Kosovo Interview

Serbian_Radical_Party_logo small By: Teša Tešanović

European Solidarity Front for Kosovo:  A Heartfelt and Eye-opening Interview with Carlo Pezzolesi

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From Syria to Kosovo, Cultural Enslavement and a New Resistance

Serbian_Radical_Party_logo small Interview by: Teša Tešanović


(Teša Tešanović is a journalist, philosopher, and an organizer of the Serbian Radical Party)

We are joined today by Joaquin Flores from the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies.  He is the director of the center, which while is clearly ideologically charged in some way, claims to be neither left, center, or right.



They are producing a combination of orthodox and heterodox material.  Today we want to learn a little more about the Center itself and also how they are approaching some of the general economic and geostrategic questions of the day, and also about the Kosovo question in Serbia.

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