About JSS


The Journal of Syncretic Studies (JSS) is a new multi-disciplinary journal issued by the Center for Syncretic Studies. JSS invites submissions on articles related to International Relations, Political Science, Political Economy, Geopolitics, Globalisation, War and Peace Studies and Imperialism, with a greater emphasis placed on Great Power Rivalry in the 21st Century, Multipolarity, Eurasianism, the Changing Nature of Capitalism, neo-Colonialism and Spheres of Influence.

JSS is committed to publishing well-researched articles that transcend away from mainstream approaches and encourages the development of thorough understandings of the discipline area. Through this method a forum for both academic and original policy-oriented articles can be established and distributed for researchers, scholars, analysts, decision makers and political activists.

JSS aims to promote an understanding of the dialectical relationship between geopolitical changes and ongoing developments across multiple spheres – technological, scientific, sociological, ideological, cultural, etc.   Of chief importance is conflict – the reality of an increasingly multi-polar world that at the same time is increasingly integrated. Therefore, trends and counter-trends are at the core of any holistic interpretation of world events. With the rise of China and Russia experiencing a resurgence, the unipolarity that emerged with the end of the Cold War sets to challenge mainstream conventional thinking on global affairs and geopolitics. JSS aims to be at the forefront in publishing well researched articles about a rapidly changing global community. These changes are being experienced all across the globe, therefore, JSS is not limited to publishing about a specific region and welcomes submissions about all issues across the world.

JSS considers multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity to be critical elements of the discourse required to contribute to our mandate and an understanding of the discipline area.

In addition to publishing well research articles, JSS also welcomes book reviews, and in exceptional cases, essays too.