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  35. Joaquin, stunning analysis about the Yatz death wish–given his consistent nutty behavior and comments your psycho-political analysis of this man is compelling.

    Also, the Transnistria component of how this Ukraine conflict unfolds is disturbing.

    The U.S. Power brokers have to know that the larger dynamics of the QE fiat currency regime is approaching some type of endpoint–but what their exact game plan in the face of this unavoidable collapse might be is difficult for me to understand or speculate upon.

    Indeed, Russia’s game plan seems to be to let it all unravel, and not to be drawn into any provocations that will allow the NATO Atlanticists to further separate Russia from natural alliances within the Sphere of Western Europe.

    As you say: there is a time element and dynamic that European powers can come to realize that the empire is naked and deluded.

    Thanks for speaking with me briefly by phone a while back.

    It is horrible here–and there is a degree of repression and collective delusion in this society that is very frightening.

    Almost no problems are being assessed and addressed in any adequate manner.

    My area of specialization is ecological restoration and landscaping–but the dominant paradigm with landscaping is to force plant species to grow on lands that they have not evolved within; and to use huge amounts of energy and chemicals toward this end.

    This is pathological behavior that has been normalized.

    The landscaping paradigm is perhaps the most potent, surface example of the insanity that forms the foundation of this social order.

    There is simply no cogent defense of the paradigm–so any discussion and reflection is almost non existent.

    Likewise with the escalation of tensions in Ukraine, and the propaganda war against Putin and Russia: the dominant (and most of the ‘alternative’) media simply avoid the topic.

    This has been one of the most fascinating aspects of this conflict–the avoidance of focus in mainstream discussion and analysis.

    Lastly, I would like to point you to a weekly podcast called “The Truth Perspective” on the SOTT network.

    This is a weekly program developed by curious and critical thinkers. They have a healthy skepticism and are pro-Putin. (I have become pro-Putin–especially after reading a narrative of what his parents went through during the Great Patriotic War. Inspiring and magical story.)

    It would be great if these people would book you as a guest in the near future.
    If you listen to their podcasts I think you will find these people valuable allies.

    Thanks for your kind conversation with me a while back. Yes, it is horrible here, and escaping this hell is something I keen to make happen.

    In a sane society I would be valued–as I have many worthy accomplishments and ideas. But for pointing out the obvious I am virtually a pariah.

    God bless and keep safe.

    Steven Hunt
    Orlando, Fl
    Sent from my iPhone

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