Resistance Notes #1

Small Logo Bib and Dugin exchange, Flores commentary

Resistance Notes #1

Notes on Ideology after our Victory

Gia BibGia Bib:  I think certain aspects of targeted ideologies will still be retained after 4PT establishment, namely: Enlightened individualism which is necessary precondition for critical re-evaluation of socio-cultural events (and not atomized liberal egocentrism), left selfish_egocentric_thinkingwing style social organization, which most likely will be the fairest model of collective co-habitation Continue reading

From Syria to Kosovo, Cultural Enslavement and a New Resistance

Serbian_Radical_Party_logo small Interview by: Teša Tešanović


(Teša Tešanović is a journalist, philosopher, and an organizer of the Serbian Radical Party)

We are joined today by Joaquin Flores from the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies.  He is the director of the center, which while is clearly ideologically charged in some way, claims to be neither left, center, or right.



They are producing a combination of orthodox and heterodox material.  Today we want to learn a little more about the Center itself and also how they are approaching some of the general economic and geostrategic questions of the day, and also about the Kosovo question in Serbia.

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