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The Rise of Christian Zionism – The Christian Evangelical Assault on Palestine

By Paul Antonopoulos – CSS Project Director;  MENA and Latin America Research Fellow The Christian Evangelical Assault on Palestine Based in a Claimed Literal Interpretation of the Bible, Absent Genuine Religious Content   resident of the United States, Donald Trump … Continue reading

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The Fourth Position – Series

By: Tim Kirby The Fourth Position and “Father’s Will” Part I and Episode I – “I or We?” Editor’s note: “Fathers’ Will” is an ongoing series of essays regarding the past, present and future of ideology and how we can … Continue reading

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From Socialist Revivalism to Socialist Futurism

 By: John Stachelski  A Review of Caleb Maupin’s Getting Rich Without Capitalism Caleb Maupin’s provocatively titled Getting Rich Without Capitalism: America’s Way Out (2018) is a collection of essays which cover a range burning political questions in geopolitics, economics, and cultural theory. … Continue reading

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The Multipolar Revolution: Syncretic Perspectives – Part I

 By: Jafe Arnold From the Indo-Europeans to the ‘New World’ he world’s diversity of cultures has successfully defied the “globalization” of the Atlanticist, Liberal, unipolar “End of History” scenario proclaimed in the 1990’s. It is increasingly recognized both de facto … Continue reading

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The Russian Spring in Donbass

War and Statecraft in the Donetsk People’s Republic   By: Dmitry Muza – translated by Jafe Arnold Dmitry Evgenyevich Muza is a doctor of philosophical sciences, a correspondent-member of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, a professor at the Department of Sociology … Continue reading

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