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The Syrian War and the Strategic Logic of US Imperialism’s Drive to Dominate the Middle East

 By: Paul Antonopoulos and Drew Cottle  Originally published as a Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies Research Paper (CCHS RP 4/17)    he war by proxy waged by the United States (US) against Syria cannot be understood in isolation and must be analysed … Continue reading

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Contact Lines: An Interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter

By: James Porrazzo – US Political Advisor to CSS, Founder of New Resistance pen Revolt is always pleased to feature the work of revolutionary journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter.  Recently, our own James Porrazzo had the chance to talk about recent world … Continue reading

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The “Polish Question” at a Crossroads

 By: Jafe Arnold The “Polish Question” at a Crossroads ver the past several months, the geopolitical role of Poland in relation to the war in Ukraine and Eurasian and European integration projects has once again become an increasingly frequently visited … Continue reading

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Changing Turkish-Russian Relations

 By: Paul Antonopoulos Changing Turkish-Russian Relations Turkey appears unable to grasp Russia’s resolve and long-term planning  ovember 24 2015 will forever mark the turning in Turkish and Russian relations. The Russian Sukhoi Su-24M tactical bomber jet was shot down by two … Continue reading

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The Rise and Transformation of American Militarism and Imperialism after World War Two

  By:  Andrés Barrera González, – PhD in Political Science and Sociology, Profesor Titular at the University Complutense of Madrid. Edited by: Joaquin Flores The Rise and Transformation of American Militarism and Imperialism after World War Two Part I:  Europe After World War … Continue reading

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