The Plane Truth – Ukraine

The complete collection of our talks on The Plane Truth podcast


The Plane Truth interviews explain aspects of the conflict in Ukraine which are little discussed in media, alternative or otherwise.   These discussions dig deep into the new technologies in warfare, media, and psychology which are being used with a high degree of efficacy.  Particular attention is given to certain features of this war which make it distinct from past wars.

Among these distinct features are the effective use of Fourth Generational Warfare (4GW), and the use of New Media to first disassemble and then reshape our perception of reality.  Between objective phenomenon and what we call ‘reality’ is a process of cognition.

These cognitive processes can be manipulated by:  the type of presented data, the medium of the data, and the way the target audience is socially conditioned to filter the type and medium of the data.

4GW in this stage of late modernity or post-modernity involves a combination of non-legal or non-state (non-recognized) fighting groups in combination with a new media campaign designed to reinforce the perception of independent genesis and direction.

Another significant area of discussion, in this important series, is the theory and practice of the failed state.  This strategy involves a three-step tactical process.  The first is the color revolution, followed by the arab spring.  The arab spring, being the insurgent sequel to the color revolution, is not fought to achieve “victory” has historically understood,  but rather as part of a scorched earth type policy meant to create a failed state.

Another area of the talks revolve around forecasting and prognoses. These are, by definition, the hypothetical component in which the greatest room for error is possible. Nevertheless, like in exercises involving re-envisioning past as with counter-factual history, the real benefit to forecasting is to show the dynamic and forward moving nature of the processes currently underway.

Some of these interviews are also embedded with articles on the related subject matter, and can be found on our page dedicated to our analysis of Ukraine.


March 30th, 2014

— Battlefield Eastern Europe: The Anglo-American Alliance vs. the Eurasian Project


— The Situation Room: War in the Ukraine

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