Boycott the “National Chicano Moratorium Committee”

banner-658x215 by: Chimalli Cuetlachtli


Chimalli Cuetlachtli, National Commander
National Brown Berets


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August 2nd, 2013

In the course of our existence as an organization we have had to make the decision to distance ourselves from certain people or groups who do not uphold Chicano Revolutionary principles, are not sincere nor have integrity, and/or have sold out to other interests. While we have maintained relationships with non-Chicano organizations those people and groups have shown themselves to be sincere in their willingness to understand and accept our struggle as a valid one. There are people who have also made themselves enemies of the Brown Berets and all Chicanos in general by their actions and words.

As a Chicano organization we do not like to do our “dirty laundry” in public but certain times we have to put our foot down and say “YA BASTA!” (Enough is Enough) when some groups and people make a mockery of the struggle or blatantly attack us. This year we have found ourselves having to do this by calling for a general boycott of the so-called “National Chicano Moratorium Committee”. In previous years when we have attended the meetings we have seen MEChistas verbally attacked and not allowed to participate, we have heard homophobic statements made by the organizers, and last year one of the organizers physically threatened one of our soldiers challenging him to a fight. If not for our commitment to our Raza that Brown Beret would have pulverized him. Also, last year a Jewish man who is Private Detective and who has repeatedly slandered members of the Raza Unida Party and the Brown Berets was allowed to participate and this year he was given prime influence in the Committee. This man has bragged about his subversive activities against Chicano leaders, and has acted in a way that is reminiscent of the tactics used by COINTEL-PRO in framing Chicano leaders so they can either be arrested or their reputations and organizations destroyed. This man has also released the names and pictures of the Raza Unida Party and Brown Beret leaders and their families to law enforcement and other racist entities who have used them to attack us.

This we cannot tolerate. When the issue was brought up to the Chair of the Committee he dismissed it as a “personal issue” and refused to kick this man out. The commemoration of the Chicano Moratorium was upheld by the Raza Unida Party for many years and this year their role was marginalized because of this man who has infiltrated the NCMC and is a sworn enemy of the Raza Unida Party and the Brown Berets. It only takes a few seconds to see who is endorsing this year’s commemoration that the majority of those people are Latinos, and other Non-Chicano “activists”. We have heard that instead of it being a commemoration of the lives lost and the battle that was fought against the LA County Sheriff that day 43 years ago, it is becoming a full blown Latino fiesta with a car show and all. This is a mockery, this is a complete shame! The National Brown Berets, the largest and most active organization of Brown Berets with over 750 associate members worldwide, will be boycotting the NCMC’s celebration. We uphold the belief in Chicano Revolutionary Nationalism and no self-respecting Chicano Revolutionary, Nationalist or not, would participate in such a disgraceful display that the NCMC is giving us. They have completely left the Chicano Revolutionary struggle.

Instead of this mockery of a fiesta, we are working in coordination with the Raza Unida Party to hold a a true Commemoration of the Chicano Moratorium in the San Fernando Valley. We ask all Chicano/as to come out and support. It will be held on Saturday, August 24th, at the Tia Chuchas Cultural Center. We will post more event information as we continue to organize the event.

Thank you for your support,

Chimalli Cuetlachtli, National Commander
National Brown Berets

1 thought on “Boycott the “National Chicano Moratorium Committee”

  1. Thank you for sharing this brother. It is one thing to commemorate with celebration the triumph of our struggles, unfortunately, we have not triumphed as Chican@s (and all people of color for that matter) as we continue to be marginalized in the hands of a few for the interest of the few. Please keep me posted as I never travel to the Valley but willing to make the trip in solidarity…last year I didn’t attend the Moratorium because of the car show (I just can’t fathom what that component has to do with our struggle…)

    en solidaridad,

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