Who we are

The Center is:


Joaquin Flores – President, Director; charged with a.) developing the scope of the center’s work; b.) charging the center’s volunteers, staff, and administration with their related duties; c.) maintaining a public interface; d.) fulfillment of basic organizational requirements; e.). promoting the goals of the Center; f.) selecting relevant works for publication on the website; g.) performing the duty of ‘Editor in Chief’ of Fort Russ News.

Jafe Arnold – Special Projects Director, Research fellow, Analyst, Liaison – Western Europe ; charged with a.) developing special projects connected to the work and scope of the Center; b.) conducting regular research and analysis, c.) maintaining the Western Europe liaison bureau; d.) advising the center on Western European political developments in cultural, popular, and electoral arenas; e.) delivering recommendations on related research subjects.

Paul Antonopoulos – MENA and Latin America research fellow, Editor of the Journal for Syncretic Studies, Brazil liaison

James Porazzo – US Political Adviser, Marketing Director ; charged with a.) advising the center on US political developments in cultural, popular, and electoral arenas; b.) delivering recommendations on related research subjects; c.) interpreting and analyzing policies, public issues, legislation, and/or the operations of governments, businesses, and organizations in the US.

Inessa Sinchougova – Researcher and Translator, Russian Language; charged with a.) furnishing relevant Russian language news articles and research documents; b.) providing Russian-to-English translations of said articles and documents; c.) developing new media related projects

[Vacancy] , Chief Illustrator and Art & Symbology Researcher – Charged with a.) creating graphics and illustrations commensurate with the CSS brand; b.) interacting with artists and revising or working with revisions of graphical works created for the Center; c.) researching and creating briefs for special subjects as assigned and as needed.

Marija Katic – Legal Advisor and Counsel, charged with a.) fulfillment of the center’s basic legal requirements with the state; b.) receive and respond to all queries and correspondences of a legal nature; c.) representing the center in all necessary legal proceedings

The regular members of the parliament and special contributors of research materials and reviewers

Authors of our publications, scholarship recipients; liaison professors and volunteers