Boris Nad: We are Witnessing a Deep Crisis in the Model that is Offered by the EU and USA

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We are Witnessing a Deep Crisis in the Model that is Offered by the EU and USA

Member of the Executive Board of the Center for Syncretic Studies, Boris Nad, has given an interview for Serbian news portal, which we are reproducing.


The price of oil has risen in last 6 months on lowest level since economic crisis of 2008. Who benefits from global drop of oil prices? Who is behind it?

502377t’s actually a war being waged that USA has led for a long time with all means necessary, with the help its allies. (Before then for centuries the same was done by Britain). The fall of ruble and artificial lowering of oil prices, in both cases as a consequence of speculations on world market, are just its last episodes. War in the ruins of Ukraine has similar meaning for US strategists.

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Eurasia Movement Interviews Boris Nad on Novorossiya

248227777_679812a8ac_m By: Alexandr Bovdunov

Eurasia Movement Interviews Boris Nad on Novorossiya

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Boris-Nad Nad


Bovdunov:  How do you assess the current events in the east of Ukraine? What is the meaning of the current geopolitical conflict?


USSRNad: On the face of it this is a conflict between two nations – Ukrainian and Russian. At least that’s how it’s represented in the Western media. And that is, of course, deeply wrong. Western media have kept silent about, or are hiding the fact that “the Ukrainian nation” and “the Ukrainian state” actually has never really existed in history.  It is no doubt a cheap media trick and ruthless manipulation. Continue reading

Russian Crossing of The Rubicon or the Birth of a New World

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America must accept …

… the fact that after more than twenty years, Russia has returned as an historical force. It is a matter of political realism.

The crisis in Ukraine is still far from over, but it is clear that it is the most important central event in the early 21st century to date, much more important than Libya, the invasion of Afghanistan, or the question of the future of Iraq.  Even Syria can be measured with it.  The crisis is not yet resolved, but some answers are already apparent: Continue reading

What will be Happening in the Next Days and Months in Ukraine?

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Is armed conflict with Russia and Ukraine in sight?  Will the armed forces of Ukraine in general able to lead this war? Continue reading

Syria: Forward from Victory – Part II

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In this, our second installment on the Strategy & Tactics as well as Theory of the Syrian situation, we have further developed this topic both in thematic significance, and have better included elements of our Syncretic methodology in a manner demonstrating the practical application of pieces which otherwise might strike the reader as overtly esoteric or cryptic.  We trust our readers will understand the relationship Continue reading