Eurasia Movement Interviews Boris Nad on Novorossiya

248227777_679812a8ac_m By: Alexandr Bovdunov

Eurasia Movement Interviews Boris Nad on Novorossiya

858507_445234198882201_2114596727_o  Bovdunov

Boris-Nad Nad


Bovdunov:  How do you assess the current events in the east of Ukraine? What is the meaning of the current geopolitical conflict?


USSRNad: On the face of it this is a conflict between two nations – Ukrainian and Russian. At least that’s how it’s represented in the Western media. And that is, of course, deeply wrong. Western media have kept silent about, or are hiding the fact that “the Ukrainian nation” and “the Ukrainian state” actually has never really existed in history.  It is no doubt a cheap media trick and ruthless manipulation.
Euromajdan.The “Majdan” movement in Kiev showed the true face of the so-called Ukrainian national revolution: one in which pro-American and pro-NATO liberals are united with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, followers of Bandera.  All this was made possible with the generous assistance from and organizing of the United States. After the coup in Kiev, quite expectedly, was followed by a campaign of terror against a large portion of the population of Ukraine.


nato-grunge-flag_19-134750In the former Ukraine today it is not a conflict between two nations, but titanic clash of two geopolitical poles (two, not three).  These two poles are America, with its satellites, and Russia. There is no third party. The first force is on the side of the uniform, the liberal, and the totalitarian unipolar world, overt American hegemony; while the other – Russia, represents a multipolar world, with their very different

Eurasia startraditions; a multipolar world that is still in the making.  In the conflict in Novorossia it is therefore possible to see its many dimensions: geopolitical, ideological, historical, ethnic, religious … but, in its deepest essence, it is an age-old conflict of the earth and the sea, land and ocean, of course in a new form. It’s just a new form of the ancient continents of the Great War,                                                                             of which Alexander Dugin has spoken inspiringly.


Bovdunov:  How important is the conflict in Novorossia for Europe? Is there a single position of European countries in relation to this conflict?


248227777_679812a8ac_mNad: The war in Ukraine is of crucial importance for Europe. That is the war in Europe, for the real continental Europe, and not that liberal creation in Brussels, Maastricht and Lisbon, which is in reality a zone of US occupation in the territory of Eurasia.  Unfortunately many Europeans are not aware of that. Those who are aware come to the forefront in defense Novorossia and support its heroic struggle, because it is not just a fight for freedom of Novorossia, but also the struggle for the freedom of Europe; for the freedom of diversity, for the continent, for the tradition, and against American liberal totalitarianism.
156439_474287689255019_742374871_nA single and clear position of European countries regarding the conflict in the former Ukraine does not exist for one obvious reason: The European Union is neither a sovereign nor an independent force, it is not an independent geopolitical factor, but only branches of the United States, and quite second-rate at that.  All that the EU has done so far during on the crisis of the former Ukraine was to the detriment of Europe and Russia.
Because today the struggle of the Novorossian heroes is for all true Europeans, or at least those who do not want to be slaves to the “new world order” in the American way; it provides an example that should be followed.


Bovdunov: What are the interests of Europe with regard to Ukraine? What would be the most acceptable geopolitical reconfiguration of the space to Europe?

1393162473821Nad:  As we have already said, there is no such thing that could be called the “geopolitics of the European Union.” The European Union has failed to establish itself as a separate geopolitical factor, with their own interests that are different from the interests of the United States. We believe that this will change for the better in the future, but a necessary precondition for it is the further decline of American hegemony. Until then, the EU remains only as an American bridgehead on the ground of Eurasia, in fact it is the American occupation zone. This EU everywhere and always acts against the interests of Europe.
It is therefore not only necessary for there to be a geopolitical reconfiguration of the former Soviet space, but also geopolitical reconfiguration of the whole of Europe, including the European Union.  In other words, the EU itself should begin with deep structural reform and questioning their own geopolitical role. It is necessary immediately but at present the European political elite, or rather pseudo-elite, is simply not capable.  Just look at the role of Germany, which behaves as an American vassal.  Germany today, however, is an occupied country.
As a first step, it is necessary to recognize the statehood of Novorossia, something which the West, for now, stubbornly refuses. The entire Ukraine is, after all, historically undoubtedly part of the “Russian world”, and so should remain so.  Except maybe its western part, having primarily the mentality of Uniatic Galicia, which is a kind of transitional area towards Central Europe.
The future free continental Europe will have an overriding interest in a free and powerful Russia, and with an agreement with Russia. And that is the key to Europe’s future.


Bovdunov: Is Europe ready for a war in the case of more open Russian involvement in the military conflict?


NovorossiaNad:  Not even NATO is prepared to enter into an open war with Russia over Ukraine. Engagement of the North Atlantic alliance therefore boils down to supplying the Kiev Junta with arms, mercenaries and military advisers; but as you can see it is not enough to decide the outcome of the war. They failed to break Novorossian desire for freedom.

The American position is much clearer: they are willing to take the war to the last Ukrainian, and the last European. And both of them here are intended to be “cannon fodder”.




Bovdunov:  What is the impact of the war on relations between Russia and Europe? – How can we evaluate the ideological component of a new war in Europe? Why do you think in the case of the Ukrainian side there are battalions of National Socialists sponsored by Jewish oligarchs, and in the case of the rebels are fighting alongside each other nationalists, Orthodox traditionalists and people nostalgic for the Soviet Union?


Nad: America’s interest is to provoke and deepen the rift between Europe and Russia, and that from an American perspective, is one of the main goals of the war which is now dominant in the former Ukraine. A balanced position from the Kremlin has contributed to the fact that the split does not become insurmountable, of course provided that the EU does not follow unquestioningly in its the future course the dictates of Washington.  EU would have to take a much more independent position.

ukraine-presser_2838965aThe alliance of Ukrainian Nazis and Ukrainian oligarchs is an obvious fact. On the other hand, the uprising that began in eastern Ukraine has an obvious social dimension: it is among other things, the uprising of the people against the oligarchs, against a deep social injustice and corruption, which embodies the Kievan junta. In our opinion, an alliance of traditionalists and nationalists with the Communists, or those who harbor nostalgia for the USSR, ostensibly left and ostensibly right is natural and desirable.  In a sense, that is the concretization of Eurasianism, the embodiment of the “fourth theory,” the “fourth way”.

It is interesting that something similar is happening in Europe, where there is a very broad, ideologically and politically diverse front supporting Russia and Novorossia. In short, all those today who are opposed to American, Western hegemony, NATO, liberalism, etc., naturally supports the Novorossia fight for freedom. Those who are on the side of the Kiev junta are fighting for the United States and its planetary hegemony.


Bovdunov:  Why in the case of Ukraine was the idea of a “third way” used as a tool of global hegemony? Do you share this position?  Is it possible to carry out some historical analogy to the current conflict?


Nad: First, the position of the ideologues of “Right sector” is openly racist: a commonplace scheme  of “The right sector” and its followers. “Ukrainians” are civilized “Europeans”, “white”; Russians are “Asians”, “yellow”, “barbarians”, or simply “subhuman”.  And there can be found many historical analogies.  Basically, though in a veiled way, that’s the official position of America and the European Union, which now as before marks a profound and pathological Russophobia.

The idea of ​​a “third way” of Ukraine, Ukraine aside from the “West” – America, and the “East” – Russia, is just as meaningless.  See what it leads to in practice.  Kiev Junta, subjecting/subordinating to Washington, alone abolished the Ukrainian sovereignty and destroyed the Ukrainian statehood.  The authorities in Kiev and the so-called “Ukrainian nationalists” are merely “useful idiots” of the West.

So there is no “third way” or “third pole” in the modern geopolitical conflict, nor can there be. There are only two: the Land and Sea, and Russia and the United States. After all, even if the EU so far has failed to follow its own “third way”, how can it succeed for a disunited and weakened Ukraine?  Historical analogies are imposed by itself: it was the geopolitical position of Hitler’s Third Reich, and it as we already know ended with a continental and global disaster.

Bovdunov: How will the conflict end and what will end it? What changes in the geopolitics of Europe will follow after it?

4Nad: Today we are witnessing a military reversal on the fronts of Novorossia, the beginning of the collapse of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This is a consequence of persistent and heroic struggle of the rebels, for which we have only words of admiration. Novorossia self-defense forces are in extremely unequal conditions – in conflict with the much more numerous and better equipped pro-Nazi forces loyal to Kiev and their Western mentors – and have managed to grow into a respected and highly motivated military force. This is the beginning of victory of Army of Novorossia.  It should be recalled that the Kiev Junta engaged in genocide against the people of Donbas, supported by the United States and NATO, as well as an army of foreign mercenaries, and it continues today.
The Kiev Junta, however, regardless of this, has exhausted its resources. Territory that they still control is in the throes of economic and social collapse, and the line is already irrevocably crossed. And this area will continue to decline, raising the question of the future of Kiev.

For starters, with the emergence of the new state, Novorossia, the geopolitical map of Europe and Eurasia was changed irrevocably.

Russia managed again to break free of the arbitrary limits which the West imposed in 1991. But that’s just a sign of deep tectonic changes in geopolitical relations in the world.
The west, especially America, refuses to accept or to recognize this new reality.  It resembles a kind of autism.  America’s political leaders refuse to come to terms with the fact that American power is irretrievably weak, it is already almost over; artificially producing conflicts, instability and chaos across the globe. Hence the decline in the United States, which in our view was anyway inevitable, will be much harder and more painful primarily for the Americans.

– Your opinion is very important for us.


3 thoughts on “Eurasia Movement Interviews Boris Nad on Novorossiya

  1. Wow a wonderful and clarifying analysis. The whole thing now is crystal clear what the struggle is all about. Russia wants to build an economic space stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok and the US wants to derail it. It’s that simple. Here are some points I want to make.

    1. Russia will succeed in this because this is the new world and the old US centric world is dying out. Only a dying world will lash out like a caged tiger without thinking of the consequences. Ukraine, Libya, Syria, ISIS are all symptoms of a decrepit and dying US-Western world doing what it can to cause havoc. That’s all the west can do is to destroy.
    2. Russia will succeed in this because there is too much money to be made in trade and commerce. Can you imagine the opportunity for business including high speed mag lev rail transportation manufacturing companies. It’s the new silk road.
    3. The Russian public including all segments of the population including the business and political elite are all for this huge trade zone. The fifth and sixth columnists don’t stand a chance. They’re a tiny fraction and they better watch out. Forgetting about the great peace prospects of this union, the money to be made is staggering. Do the pro American Russian liberals really want to sabotage this.
    4. The success of Novorossia could be a turning point in going from the old world to the new world of European-Asian integration. The rebels from western Europe that are going to eastern Ukraine are going because they support this Eurasian project. They’re sick of their nations of Spain, France, Holland, Germany, etc. being a colony of the US. They want it to stop and see this war as a war of European liberation from the US. That’s why it unites right and left
    5. The goals of the Novorossia army will be subordinate to the goals of this Eurasian Union project of Russia. Russia does not want a new iron curtain descended on the Dnieper River. The US would be delighted to have this iron curtain separating western Europe from Eurasia.
    6. Under no uncertain terms will Russia allow any stationing of Nato on Ukrainian territory. I believe Putin’s comments to Barroso regarding taking Kiev in two weeks was not an accident. This is the red line for direct Russian intervention into Ukraine. Russia will not tolerate Ukraine into Nato. End of story.
    7. The peace talks in Minsk may be (and I emphasize may be) the turning point in rolling back the US from Europe. Time will tell.

    As a side note please look at the photo of Putin meeting Poroshenko in Minsk for the first time. Look at the smirk on Putin’s face versus Poroshenko’s. With that grimace Putin’s telling Poroshenko, “We got you.” That picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

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