Boris Nad: We are Witnessing a Deep Crisis in the Model that is Offered by the EU and USA

Small Logo By: Tesa Tesanovic

We are Witnessing a Deep Crisis in the Model that is Offered by the EU and USA

Member of the Executive Board of the Center for Syncretic Studies, Boris Nad, has given an interview for Serbian news portal, which we are reproducing.


The price of oil has risen in last 6 months on lowest level since economic crisis of 2008. Who benefits from global drop of oil prices? Who is behind it?

502377t’s actually a war being waged that USA has led for a long time with all means necessary, with the help its allies. (Before then for centuries the same was done by Britain). The fall of ruble and artificial lowering of oil prices, in both cases as a consequence of speculations on world market, are just its last episodes. War in the ruins of Ukraine has similar meaning for US strategists.

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