Resistance Notes #1

Small Logo Bib and Dugin exchange, Flores commentary

Resistance Notes #1

Notes on Ideology after our Victory

Gia BibGia Bib:  I think certain aspects of targeted ideologies will still be retained after 4PT establishment, namely: Enlightened individualism which is necessary precondition for critical re-evaluation of socio-cultural events (and not atomized liberal egocentrism), left selfish_egocentric_thinkingwing style social organization, which most likely will be the fairest model of collective co-habitation (this is also acknowledged by you in your recent article about Putin’s conservatism)and Nationalism understood as putting your ethic/cultural belonging above others (which does not automatically mean confronting and negating other races/ ethnicities). If by overcoming modernity we mean revival of our perennial socio-political inclinations to a certain degree, these assumptions should be incorporated/addressed into the future scenario of proposed pluriversum. This is acknowledged by Benoist, when he says that after this overcoming, in pluriversal world we should expect hypothetical clashes of nation states and civilizations. Interesting to hear your view on this dilemma Mr. Dugin.

Junger and Schmitt

Junger (L) and Schmitt (R)

Alexander Dugin: In general I agree that some aspects of before mentioned ideologies can be saved. But we need to deconstruct (destroy) the core – the FRAME. Out of the original frame the concepts lose their previous meanings and acquire new ones. Concerning polemic nature of pluriversum: I think the war (as the death) is a part of life. Try to prevent war/death at any price is absolutely insane idea. There are wars and then there are wars. The war of forms advocated by C. Schmitt is quite acceptable. The total (moral) total war is less acceptable. In front of total war we are pacifists; in front of war of forms (always possible) we are realists.

Joaquin Flores:  It may be likely that certain elements of the targeted ideologies are in fact reflections relating to the intrinsic nature of humanity as a species-being.

These may by psycho-biological or socio-biological in nature, and so following this hypothesis it would be surprising that, even after the destruction of the ‘frame’ (the general modern/post-modern liberal-atlanticist schema) that any great number of the elements which compose the targeted ideologies would not find an alternate expression.

This would be expected insofar as these are intrinsic to our evolved psychology and sociology.

Before Dugin has said that the trajectory of the liberal-atlanticist schema was such that we should not be surprised if the atomization of the individual from the society (community, nation, etc.) continued further. That it might continue further towards the atomization of the consciousness from various parts of the person’s own body. Here we might see a movement to liberate the heart from the pancreas, the legs from the intestine, etc. I found this extremely humorous, but not for its lack of incredible truth.

Yes, in truth we are already seeing this in the far-west’s mainstream orientation towards gender and sexuality, in the field of gender studies.

gender vs sexGender and sex are primary concerns for the Atlanticists because after the extended family is deconstructed (something which was produced through a process of mostly age old social practices combined with hetero-normative sexuality) the individual is left astray within a commercial ocean of uncertainty, and is prone to then have their gender separated from their sex. Their natural histamine response to the general bombardment of late capitalism (cum commercialization) is rendered disabled.

The subject continues on believing they have achieved a unique kind of personal independence when rather the opposite as been arrived at – a new form of objectively collective identity (because it is shared by all) which has all the beneficial features to an oligarchy of a collective identity: ability to use ‘one size fits all’ methods of social control and coercion. But it has none of the weaknesses of a collective identity such as the subjects being able to connect with one another on that collective basis and push back against the excesses of the oligarchy in question. It is here that the illusion of ‘individuality’ and ‘personal autonomy’ actually erode any healthy degree of actual individuality. It is here that the illusion of ‘individuality’ in its present liberal schema are in fact tools of mass social control.

As you know in this area there is a very vibrant push to promote the fallacy that gender and sex are two distinct realities, based in part that linguistically they can be rendered as referring to separate concepts.

This is now to say, “Here I have a male sexed organ, but I am essentially femininely gendered, but I am primarily attracted to myself making me auto-sexual in practice”‘. From the exceptions based on people who experience this reality (whether or not this is a dysfunction is not relevant) , a general rule which applies to all is drawn out. Indeed, it is forced upon us all.

This is something which seems entirely tied up with the present schema, and not salvageable in any reconstructed form (after the destruction of the core). This does not seem to be an element of our evolved psychology or biology, but rather purely a social construct which ironically claims that biological gender is a social construct.

1 thought on “Resistance Notes #1

  1. The individual has not so much been atomized from the community as he has been turned into a mass produced and interchangeable part of a new kind of community: the technocratic organization. This new social system is certainly an abomination, but it is still a social system. When we try to desecrate the Idol of individualism, we are desecrating a corpse that no one in the west has actually believed in since the post war era. The propaganda mythologies of the west should never be taken at face value, as if they were honest products of some kind of truth. They should better be understood as a psychiatrist would try to understand the delusions of a psychotic.

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