The Situation Room: War in the Ukraine

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The Situation Room: War in the Ukraine

Audio: 1hr 40 mins – Paul Plane Interviews Joaquin Flores for Time Monk Radio Network

FloresIn this special and exciting edition of the Situation Room, Paul Plane and CSS Director J. Flores discusses the rising possibility of a war in the Ukraine.  Flores explains that we should see, this week, as much as a doubling of the mortality figures in the coming week alone compared to what we have seen since February.  He gives a series of scenario projections along with various statistics of body counts for those scenarios. Continue reading

Battlefield Eastern Europe: The Anglo-American Alliance VS. The Eurasian Project

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Battlefield Eastern Europe: The Anglo-American Alliance VS. The Eurasian Project

Paul Plane interviews Joaquin Flores – recorded March 30th 2014


Audio.  Run-time approximately 2 hours

*Correct Predictions and forecasts regarding Ukraine and Russian strategy

*Correct Predictions and forecasts regarding EU and US strategy and tactics

* Further Predictions about upcoming events including Ukrainian secession and independence referendum vs. illegal elections Continue reading

Castrated Kiev Junta Buckles: Military Refuses Orders

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Today April 11th 2014 @ 11:00 marked the 48 hour deadlines which the illegal and criminal Junta in Kiev had given as the ultimatum for the break-away republics in Eastern Ukraine to give up and surrender control of vital government buildings.

Today marked a critical juncture in the unfolding Ukraine-Russia scenario.

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IMF Seals Ukraine’s Implosion

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Interview with Joaquin Flores by Morris108

Video below

tumblr_n2yjjjLSFR1s6c1p2o1_1280This interview was made almost ten hours before pro-Russian and anti-Junta people of east Ukraine rose up across the region, storming government buildings and starting the process for a referendum to ultimately rejoin with Russia.  In the interview, Mr. Flores describes the reasons for secession and processes that will take place.  Rather than seeing a Russian military operation, it is explained that the events last month in Crimea would serve as a template for the events that he predicts will occur in the rest of eastern Ukraine.  Mr. Flores has consistently predicted that because Russia has far too many preferable ‘Soft Power’ options to use in Ukraine, that military intervention would only be a last resort, and only then in order to secure new positions already attained, through purely defensive maneuvers, through the use of the Color Revolution tactic by Russia.

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NATO vs Russia and Tradition – The Real End Game

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Interview with Joaquin Flores by Morris108

NATO’s resolve against Russia has little to do with Crimea or Ukraine.  Capitalism and the money system are not ends within themselves, but instead means towards a still mysterious process where a struggle over the soul of humanity itself appears more clearly to be subject.  It is not a simple material struggle, but instead the material struggle is a method of organization for power.

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