NATO vs Russia and Tradition – The Real End Game

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Interview with Joaquin Flores by Morris108

NATO’s resolve against Russia has little to do with Crimea or Ukraine.  Capitalism and the money system are not ends within themselves, but instead means towards a still mysterious process where a struggle over the soul of humanity itself appears more clearly to be subject.  It is not a simple material struggle, but instead the material struggle is a method of organization for power.


This is not simply a regional struggle.  Rather there is a much larger struggle of global proportions at play.  The events in Ukraine are a serious sign of the deepening of the struggle, where humanity stands at the end times of the last age and beginning times of a new one.  Humanity is in a very old cycle of hubris followed by corruption, followed by: degeneration, collapse, rebirth, renewal and ascension.  It is still unclear, and theologians and the wise do not agree, whether this cycle must continue on in perpetuity or whether we are in fact approaching an end to the cycle and the coming of the Eschaton.


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