Castrated Kiev Junta Buckles: Military Refuses Orders

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Today April 11th 2014 @ 11:00 marked the 48 hour deadlines which the illegal and criminal Junta in Kiev had given as the ultimatum for the break-away republics in Eastern Ukraine to give up and surrender control of vital government buildings.

Today marked a critical juncture in the unfolding Ukraine-Russia scenario.

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Credible reports from RT and other confirmed sources now report that the pro-NATO “Liberal-Fascist” Kiev Junta has been unable to control its own military, police, and special force ‘Alpha’.

Thus, the troops refused to obey the Kiev authorities as they consider their actions illegal. The decision was taken at a meeting of law enforcement officials in Donetsk and Lugansk. It was a response to the demands of the first vice-premier of Ukraine Vitaly Yarema and Acting Secretary of the National Security and Defense Andrei Parubiya use force.

Recall that the protesters continue to hold under the control of the regional state administration building in Donetsk and the Security Service of Ukraine in Lugansk.

Today at 11:00 (12:00 MSK) expired 48 hours that acting Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov took eastern areas “for calm.” He demanded that local residents to vacate the building administrations Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkov. Otherwise Avakov promised to employ force against them.”



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This was a strong possibility – outlined by Joaquin Flores in a series of video interviews with journalist Maurice Herman.  Flores predicted yesterday (link below) that today’s events would be a test of mettle, and that either the Kiev Junta would be unable to mobilize ‘its own’ forces or American-Israeli mercenaries would be brought in to perform death-squad type detail work, and finally, that there could be a backroom deal reached.

These were explained in greater detail in the analysis of yesterday and also of last week, titled “IMF Seals Ukraine’s Implosion“, “Tomorrow WWIII Will Escalate or Not“, and others posted to this site.

Indeed, this scenario played out as Ukraine Junta was rebuffed by its own command, Ukraine military refused orders.



‘A behind the scenes deal’ – This may have been communicated very much publicly.  Quite publicly indeed yesterday “Putin Warns Europe of Gas Shortages over Ukraine Debt” .

Forecasted was the possibility that a behind the scenes deal would be made, and/or that captains of Ukraine security and military would simply stand down or even side with the break-away republics in the east.

These scenarios are not either/or and rather likely involve a number of these occurring simultaneously.  A combination of these appears to be happening now at the time of this publishing.

The break-away regions in the east –  scheduled for an official referendum at the start of May or sooner, prior to the mock Parliamentary elections being staged by the Kiev Junta, the latter which being an attempt to legitimize the coup and proceed as if nothing unusual or illegal had occurred at all.

Also yesterday, protester militia captured an American blackwater mercenary in Kharkov.  He was illegally dressed as Ukrainian special forces Alpha and may have been on one of several possible missions.  Actual Ukrainian special forces have refused orders as reported above. (NOTE – Embedding as been disabled, click on the video white text at the top in the video to view on youtube)




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