Right Sector are the Wahhabis in Ukrainian Spring

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Interview with Joaquin Flores by Morris108

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The War Against Man

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The War Against Man

Published at this link in Serbian:  Рат против човека and following the English below.


Modern capitalism and world financial centers are taking on new forms and enhancing their aggressiveness. The current global crisis is not only economic ‒ it is a general crisis of the capitalist System. Continue reading

Resistance Notes #1

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Resistance Notes #1

Notes on Ideology after our Victory

Gia BibGia Bib:  I think certain aspects of targeted ideologies will still be retained after 4PT establishment, namely: Enlightened individualism which is necessary precondition for critical re-evaluation of socio-cultural events (and not atomized liberal egocentrism), left selfish_egocentric_thinkingwing style social organization, which most likely will be the fairest model of collective co-habitation Continue reading

Syria: Forward from Victory – Part II

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In this, our second installment on the Strategy & Tactics as well as Theory of the Syrian situation, we have further developed this topic both in thematic significance, and have better included elements of our Syncretic methodology in a manner demonstrating the practical application of pieces which otherwise might strike the reader as overtly esoteric or cryptic.  We trust our readers will understand the relationship Continue reading

Syria: Forward from Victory – Part I

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Syria: Forward from Victory – Part I

With a fair amount of dust now having settled, it is inarguably clear that Syrian civilization has emerged victorious from the last round of intensified threats from the Atlanticist regime.
Syria, with assistance from its friends in the real international community, have declared “Victory”.   Continue reading