6 thoughts on “A New Banner

  1. imperial eagle emblem and a crown !! crown corporation incorporated 1302 by the vatican ? worrying symbology but to blatant to be true ? ps i enjoy your point of view

  2. My understanding is that the two-headed eagle foundation for this banner was used by the old Byzantine [Eastern Roman] Empire, as a modification of the earlier one headed Roman eagle when the Roman Empire was not yet split.—The two-headed eagle was ultimately adopted in
    the 1400’s by the Great Kingdom of Muscovy and became modified as the emblem of imperial
    Muscovite Russia. The pre-Muscovite Ukrainian Russia or Kyivan Rus in its strongest heyday of the 800’s through 1200’s basically used the trident emblem, which modern Ukraine correctly uses today.—From this old Roman beginning the two headed eagle has been used in various modifications by all sorts of movements, organizations, etc. in the “West”.

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