Ukraine, Syria and Beyond: Some Call it World War IV

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Ukraine, Syria and Beyond: Some Call it World War IV

1hr, 45mins – audio, link at bottom

syncretic_joaquinIn this special edition of the Plane Truth, Paul Plane presses geostrategic analyst and organizer Joaquin Flores on the latest developments on Ukraine/Novorossiya/Russia and Iraq/Iran/Syria.
Many questions answered, full analysis on what to expect moving forward.

Recorded last Sunday 22nd – Certain forecasted events already have occurred between then and today the July 5th.  Please see the previous July 5th update for more on that.

Overview of discussed issues in the order that they arise:

disaster-floods-in-serbia-21.) Serbia and Bulgaria have been punished for pushing forward with the Yugo-stream or South-stream pipeline.  This may be the reason why unusual weather has been reported in both countries, including the mass floods in each country in different months which caused millions euros damage to property and claimed the lives of scores of innocents. Possibly connected to HAARP and controlled weather devices used by US.

2.) Serbia is directly connecting the Russians and Germans to make a trade agreement outside of the context of the EU, which signifies Germany moving against the pro-NATO side of the EU.  This also helps Serbia get the sort of trade relations it needs with Germany without having to negotiate closer to the EU itself, give up Kosovo officially, and a number of other matters.

3.) Putin economic adviser Sergey Glazyev has commented that he believes that we are already in WW IV, and that all the world wars tremendously benefited the US and harmed Europe, and this is the same situation today.  The Russians must do everything possible to explain this situation to everyone in Europe.

4.) Some within Polish leadership in inner circles have disclosed that having strong ties with the US has no benefit, and simply irritates both the Germans and the Russians.

5.) People were raised with the beliefs about warfare shaped by the forms of war that are considered 2nd and 3rd generation warfare.  Thus people believed that WW III or WW IV would be thermonuclear warfare, but that is not the case (perhaps due to MAD, etc.)

6.) World War IV is occurring, looking at all of the conflicts in the world where the US is behind nearly every single conflict, then it should be considered as a single world war – this was WW III.  The re-firming of the oppositional bloc comprised of Russia, China, Iran and related as well as the inclusion of latest methods of psychological warfare has shifted, and can be characterized as a new World War, WW IV

7.) There has not been a war on North American soil since the Civil War, and this has had an affect on US popular thinking about war; which was made possible by the isolation of the North American continent from Europe, Asia, and Africa which are geographically connected.

slavyansk shelled8.) Ukraine – we estimate that killed civilian non combatants at 500-600, and those engaged in military operations on both sides combined number around 2000 – and five times as many for any number of injuries sustained, light or heavy.  We estimate that somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-30k refugees have fled into Russia due to the ethnic cleansing going on, being committed by the Kiev Junta.

9.) Digging into positions contradicts the doctrines of post-modern warfare which are being used by the Novorossiya militia, but this makes it harder to make citizens and innocents feel safe, especially when they area being shelled by the Kiev Junta.

10.) Russia is engaged in propaganda warfare on several tiers simultaneously, changing tone and approach based on the intended audience

11.) Quagmire situation helps Russian side because Kiev cannot afford to keep even small army groupments forward deployed and fed.

12.) Problems in west Ukraine as well, economic, inflation over 25% since January, higher inflation in other areas.

13.) Kiev Junta cannot sustain civil society in pluralist sense because it relies in Pravy Sektor members to get recruits for stump Ukraine army, and Pravy Sektor is preventing European style  pluralist society from flourishing.

14.)  Glazyev correctly assesses that US controls Poroshenko.  Wikileaks, though a limited hangout, revealed that Poroshenko is a US stooge.  But Glazyev is of the view that time is not on the Russian or Novorossiyan side.  But our view is not exactly the same ….

15.) Rather we explain that in Ukraine the plan to go ahead with a coup back in November 2013 was supported by many different oligarchs, who form an interlocking directorate based in different corporations and geographic and productive interests, were not identically supportive.  Rather support for the move varied, and census though was built on certain things and certain guarantees.  Many of those guarantees have not been realized, those promises have not been met.

16.) Thus there are splits among the Kiev Junta, and certain levels of profit loss and disorganization and ruined relationships are not acceptable.  So instead among those who support the Kiev Junta are having doubts and seeing that their bottom line is not the concern of the US, and they are getting pushed into a similar situation as the Europeans who are starting to see more and more that the US has no interest in a normalized resolution to the conflict.

17.) Thus saying that time is running out for Russia may not be entirely true; we have not seen Syria levels of mayhem and wanton destruction and death.  Russia is already involved, and those saying that are perpetuating the idea that Russia is not involved.

18.) That is based in a general propaganda effort being directed at the European side – and saying that time is running out is language that is used precisely in order to increase activity to where the appropriate level will be in 6 months to 1 year.

19.) US aims to destroy any connection between Eurasian Union and European Union, that will cost the European economy annually about 1 or 2 trillion annually according to Glazyev.

20.) US ability to print money is hindered by growth of dollar exclusion zone, last real attempt was to repackage toxic debt with high rated bonds sold to Europe, which spread to Europe, realized significantly in Greece and PIIGS nations.

21.) Russian strategy is to bring this issue to a close quickly, and to prevent the war from deepening and the situation from worsening.  This means the employment of more soft power – pushing on Poland and Hungary – to break apart this ‘New Europe’.

22.) Both the CIA, NATO, and Pravy Sektor have a shared belief that they can create something like an Al Qaeda state out of ‘New Europe’, called ‘the Black Sea to Baltic  Sea Cooperation Zone’.

23.) US talks like they want to create New Europe ultra-right state to its supporters in the region because it sounds credible.  They can say this because it sounds credible, because supporters can back something that sounds credible and stable

24.) The US in fact has no real interest in building that, rather it helps motivate people behind a realistic sounding project which emboldens them to be foot soldiers in the real aim which is to destroy the infrastructure and society in that region (Baltic states through Eastern Europe to the Black Sea).

*******   And much, much more …

5 thoughts on “Ukraine, Syria and Beyond: Some Call it World War IV

  1. Time is not on the side of the KJ. The more the war drags out the more the pressures will build both politically and economically on the KJ. The US and KJ, in their hubris and arrogance as I said before, never expected an armed rebellion to take place in Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. This rebellion has really screwed up their plans to take over Ukraine and bring it into NATO. Just wait until real guerilla warfare takes place against the KJ in Slaviansk and other places. Expect the new nazis to behave like nazis always do, terror and violence against the population. This will be food for the underground. Although time is on Russia’s side, they are trying to move heaven and earth to resolve this war.

    • It seems reasonable to think that the US didn’t expect such a clean protection of the Crimea, but it is harder to know about the Donbass. The likely goal was to shut down the industry there, and basically drive them into poverty and moving to Russia. If this was done quickly, it would lead to a resistance movement, even without much Russian help. The other reason to be unsure about your conclusion is that the Kiev junta immediately moved to ban Russian, which was a declaration of war. Of course, some of this could have simply been due to the confusion after the putsch. Then there is the question of whether the main US plan was simply to provoke Russia into an invasion. The US may have calculated that Russia couldn’t withstand all the provocations that were planned.

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