3 thoughts on “A CSS Pioneer Faces the Dawn of the Coming Age

    • This is variation of a piece by Doping-Pong. Doping-Pong is an art-project started in 1997 by Dima Mishenin, Lova and Anna Maugli.
      Doping-Pong is headquartered in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They are famous for their artworks (digital art, photographic projects and journalism) and commercial projects (corporate design, web-design and creative works).

      This variation depicts the original, a nod to the Soviet young pioneers by Doping-Pong, but with the Eurasianist Party armband and the CSS logo (partially cut off at the top) on the scarlet banner.

      In the coming year, with an update to the design of our site, we will also begin to connect issues of disclosure and expolitics to the rest of our repertoire.

      Our analysis is that we are living in a time where now between 50% and 65% of the US population believes in the existence of UFO’s and that they belong to extraterrestrials (or similar).

      A relevant new political movement will need to address this reality and speak to the needs of this silent majority.

  1. Joaquin,

    Thanks for the info.

    As for exopolitics, that is the elephant in the room. But there is also just the black budget of the military. If you look at books of what the Nazis had in WWII, you might be surprised. Very impressive.

    Thanks again for your time on the interview.

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