Gene Sharp: A Chief Tactician of the US Post-Cold War Period

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Interview with Joaquin Flores by Morris108

Gene Sharp is considered to be one of the chief tacticians of the US establishment’s post-cold war period.

otpor worldwideAs is understood by our readers, this period is signified by the US establishment’s commitment to situating itself as the sole ‘superpower’. Sharp’s tactics are employed in the broader strategy of developing an Atlanticist controlled uni-polar hegemonic power which is justified ideologically upon the ‘Human Rights/Democracy’ model of imperial or neo-colonial interventionism via Washington based or backed NGO’s.

4 thoughts on “Gene Sharp: A Chief Tactician of the US Post-Cold War Period

  1. Mr Flores, thank you for your coherent analysis! Your contributions are an asset to TRUTH seekers. Thank you for being a part of what is good in HUMANITY.

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