The Third Position is Dead

xportal By: Henryk Wronski

There is No Third Way for Ukraine

The developments in Ukraine have divided European Nationalist circles in a degree that has not been seen in decades.  Actions of Ukrainian Right Sector and similar groups led some among the Nationalists into believing that their long awaited, mythical “National Revolution” is possible.

Although many of them became disillusioned after Nationalist militias from Kiev embarrassed themselves with contacts with the Israeli embassy, 24_svobod2_r_w_LRGbegging for help from Chechen terrorists and pushing Ukraine into the European Union, the early wave of enthusiasm was undoubtedly authentic.  It affected quite different groups: the “Ukrainian Revolution” gained support from Spanish National-Revolutionary Action which represents ideas similar to Autonomic Revolutionaries and Swedish Nordic Youth which endorses a vision of “modern patriotism” with a happy (or rather contorted with a grotesque, moronic smile) human face.  Ukrainian Nationalists received congratulations from so-called “Third Millennium Fascists” of Casa Pound Italia as well as Catholic Nationalist Forza Nuova, although in should be noted that both Italian organizations warned them of the “profits” resulting from joining NATO and the European Union.

Nevertheless, the analyses of developments in and around Ukraine show that the game for influences is a match between Russia and the United States, and there are no places for any other players.  In this situation, supporting Ukrainian Nationalists de facto means giving one’s support for the US, and any objection towards them is a declaration of support for Russian policies.  There is no third way between them.

Third Position is Obsolete

Why do European Nationalists, who in their own countries stand against the EU, Americanism and Liberalism give their support for putting Ukraine in the liberal, Euro-NATOAtlantic sphere of influence?  It seems that the answer may lie in inadequacy of their ideas which have become outdated and no longer are adapted to present times. National-Revolutionary movements developing in Western Europe since the sixties brought up many important problems.  Many times they enraged the old bourgeois Right because of their view of the United States as enemy and oppressor of Europe not better from the Soviet Union.  They have rightfully criticized Liberal economics.  Thanks to them the Palestinian question and problems of Third World’s peoples fighting for freedom and dignity have started to appear in Nationalist discourse.  They were ready to learn from political currents outside of Europe like Argentinian Justicialism or various schools of Arab Nationalism.  Yet, the main axis of their struggle was the idea of two enemies – Liberalism and Communism, personified by the US and USSR.  The breakup of Soviet Union and the Eastern Block was a definitive defeat of Communism.

Only one enemy was left – the one from Washington and Wall Street.  Contemporary adherents of Third Way Nationalism seem to overlook that fact.  They believe that a national revolution which makes the Europe of Peoples a third power, alternative to both the US and Russia.  At the same time, they criticize Russia for alleged “imperialist” ambitions and attempts of rebuilding the Soviet power, which is often paired with pathetic sobbing about “repressions” against Russian Nationalists; many of whom would prefer to live in a small and weak Russia as long as it will be inhabited by White Slavs.

This attitude leads to falling in the trap of their own ideology and is a straight way to become useful idiots of Liberalism equivalent to Wahhabi extremists who can count on support from the West as long as they act in its interest.  But when they start to bite the hand that feeds them, the global hegemony brutally reminds them who is the master, and who is the servant.

There Will Not Be Any Revolutions

Although Russia and its policies can be (and are) criticized for various reasons, today it is the only real power able to stand against global expansion of Liberalism and thwart the plans of Washington.  It is well understood by the countries which form the Anti-liberal Venezuela's Vice President Nicolas Maduro attends to the anniversary ceremony of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) in Caracasvanguard, struggling for possibility of choosing their own way of development: Conservative Iran, Bolivarian Venezuela, or Nationalist Syria.  Through developing strategic cooperation with Russia, they create the foundations for a multipolar world.  In each case, despite ideological differences, they act against forces that (explicitly or not) act to fulfill American interests.  Giving support to groups that act as allies of Washington, even if they do it unconsciously or temporarily, means taking side of the US.

The Liberal power can use adherents of any political ideology, including Nationalism, as means for attaining its goals.  After dragging a country under its influence, destroying social bonds, setting up a criminal economy founded on financial Capitalism controlled by IMF, World Bank, and multinational corporations it will not hesitate to sacrifice its recent allies.  Today, Ukrainian Nationalists serve as this kind of support, giving legitimization for transferring Ukrainian reserves of gold abroad, attempts of imposing economic policies that will lead to disaster and substituting old, disgraced oligarchs who tried to maintain equilibrium between Russia and West by openly pro-Western oligarchs.

Supporting this kind of “national revolution” is giving help to building American power which enslaves peoples and destroys cultures all over the world.  The Ukrainian “national awakening” shows the degree of difference between present-day reality and dreams and visions of future developed in Nationalist circles of Europe since the end of World War II.  A comparison between the revolution in Iran and so-called “Arab Ayatollah KhomeiniSpring” comes to mind.  The first one was a genuine popular revolt against hated American puppets, carried out solely by Iranian hands.  After the revolution, Iran rejected both pro-American Liberalism and decaying Soviet Marxism and chose a third option – policies founded on Islam and its laws.  The “revolutions” in Libya and Syria were only attempts to install pro-American forces at the helm.  Their only lasting effect is bringing war and chaos.  Similar results can be brought in Ukraine and in every other country that the US will want to include in its sphere of influence.  There will not be any “national revolutions” effectively aimed at American interests.  It is time to acknowledge the inapplicability of solutions put forth by Third Way Nationalism.

The time of fighting against two foes finished long ago.  Today there is only one enemy, and any attempt of being neutral towards him or supporting him despite some reservations means taking his side.  The Third Way in its present form leads straight to the graveyard of ideas. It would be a pity if its supporters would end there together with last fossils of Trotskyism or deluded reactionaries who seriously discuss about restoring power to Habsburgs or Bourbons.


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8 thoughts on “The Third Position is Dead

  1. Nonsense. This article pretends that the principles of nationalism were in play here. They weren’t.

    The mistake of Right Sector was in trusting the international,globalist, Zionist powers. A mistake which they were repeatedly warned about by other Nationalists in Europe and blundered right into fully advised. A Nationalist Revolution was possible, but it is NOT possible when your Revolution is riddled with Jew spies and saboteurs. What Right Sector did was essentially the same mistake made by Winston Smith in 1984 in trusting Immanuel GoldSTEIN. Let me just say it again, GOLD. STEIN.

    The warning signs are all there for anyone to read. Any Nationalists who do not yet realize that no compromise or negotiation can EVER take place with Mr. GoldSTEIN, Mr GoldBERG,,Mr GoldBAUM, or Mr GoldWISCZ are frankly, extremely dumb.

    Racial Nationalism, real racial Nationalism, is the answer to the predations of the steins, the stines, the bergs and the baums.

    Before you act or seriously plan to act,always vet your organization for kikes and flush them out. Do it every single time. Like scraping the barnacles off of your boat. Power attracts hebe parasites just like fat stacks of money and shiny baubles attract negro muggers.

    If Right Sector had not bent over and taken it up the ass from their Jew overlords and turned around and thanked them for it, then the Jews would not have treated them like the bitch they were acting like. Now they will be taking it up the ass in perpetuity from the Jew and have only themselves to blame.

    But they ARE the ones to blame,not Nationalism.

    In failing to purge the Jew,they failed to apply Nationalist principles, and in failing to apply these principles, there was no way they could have had a successful Nationalist Revolution.

    • I allowed your embarrassing rant here to expose the underlying truth that indeed the ‘Third Position’ was dead. We will use you as product.

      You haven’t made any falsifiable claims, just expressed a series of baseless opinions without any analysis or critical contemplation to justify your ‘positions’.

      Also, you don’t give any analysis of any of the claims made in the article, it is insufficient to simply say ‘not true’.

      This means you confuse rhetoric for argument. You also don’t understand the inadequacy of counter-factual history.

      Of course the ‘Right Sektor’ didn’t make any ‘mistakes’, just as you hand doesn’t make a mistake when it turns a doorknob or picks up a glass at your will.

      The ‘Right Sektor’ didn’t ‘trust’ the NATO and Bankster agents – they were all along the agents of NATO and the Banksters. Most of your mental blockage stem from that.

      Beyond this, it was never stated in the article that Nationalism was dead, so its not clear where you derived this from.

      Thanks for the chuckle.

    • Thanatos,

      I see you recently commented over at Renegade Broadcasting. All you and I need to know is that this website promotes Karl Marx, Vladmir Lenin, many other jews, Alexander Dugin and of all this vague nonsense about “Atlanticists”, is linked to the Brown Berets, and is not explicitly racial or anti-jewish. Do not waste your time arguing with people like this. They do not care about our struggle as a folk, which is our primary concern. Any truly anti-jewish, racial nationalist would have seen that the supposed nationalist revolution in Ukraine was a kike jew operation from a mile away. This entire ordeal has only served to buttress the reality that nothing less than explicity anti-jewish, racial nationalist revolution will suffice. Our goal is romantic (organic) racial nationalist revolution that is explicitly anti-jewish. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Blutundboden, thank you for the comment and I was also happy to approve it. We agree about Kiev Junta being USrael operation of Zionists from the start.

        With the rest though: This helps clarify our position and clearly distinguishes our trajectory from those stuck in 20th century ideology combined with 19th century race pseudo-science. Hope you can catch up with the 21st century sometime too, but we aren’t betting on it, and not worried whether you do or do not.

      • Bludundboden,

        Flores is right to tell you that you live in the 19th and early 20th centuries. You claim that you aim is a purely “racial” and “anti-Jewish” Nationalist Revolution! WOW!

        How do you aim to bring that about? Are you gonna be measuring skulls etc? How many people are behind your project? Why is Liberalism kicking our heads left & right?

        Let me tell you why, because we have not yet formed a coherent ideological and practical alternative. Sticking to obsolete formulas of the previous century (be them Communist or Fascist) will simply not cut it in the present day and age. The Liberal/cosmopolitan elites will always be able to use either the far left or the far right against the other depending on who threatens them at any given moment or country.

        Hence the need to take what is relevant from both Nationalism and Marxism to today’s world and form an anti-liberal, anti-cosmopolitan tendency that can free Europe from the parasitic Banksters and their multi-culti minions.

        The simple truth is that without the mobilization of both working-class/socialist movements on the one hand, combined with Patriotic-Nationalist currents on the other, the Liberal cliques are destined to win every single battle. The aim of the 4th Political Theory should be to both address the need for a multi-polar world of the 21st Century (which necessitates our unreserved support for the Russian Federation) and depriving the cosmopolitan/liberal/Jewish/capitalist/multiculturalist/feminist Extreme Center from using either the far left or the far right as pawns in its game of domination.

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