The Murder of Hugo Chávez Frías: Statement – Support a Criminal Investigation


Statement on the Murder of Hugo Chávez Frías:

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Distribute Widely – The Center for Syncretic Studies extends its condolences to the family of Hugo Chávez Frías. He was a philosophical soldier and leader of men who expressed a vision to bring radical changes to his country and the region. These were aimed to benefit especially the proletarian masses who had been neglected and marginalized by the Washington Axis backed comprador class. Although the methods followed by his government were questioned and at times even opposed by ‘left-wing’ ultra-idealists and ‘right-wing’ reactionaries alike, we have never doubted Hugo Chávez’s commitment to improving the lives of millions of his fellow countrymen. Those commitments resulted in a series of unquestionable successes.

He will be remembered as a Socialist, a Nationalist, a Secularist, and a student of theology and spirituality. As a man who contemplated the mortal nature of the human experience, he understood the infantile futility of materialist decadence. Equally so, he understood and took to heart the great teachings of Xenophon.  As such he was a Tyrant in the true model of Classical Antiquity. For him, the pursuit of justice and betterment of the proletarian and artisan classes was inseparably, one and the same, with that of victory and glory.
But more than what he believed, he will be remembered for what he did.

xenophon  Xenophon       80bd1b1e-a982-4fb1-b111-78a07e9d1b8c   MVR 

A brilliant military tactician and strategist, he organized Bolivarian circles from the like minded of the officer corps, and attempted to seize power in a failed Nasserist putsch with his MBR-200.  Following the model laid out by the NSDAP and others, he – while in prison, used his new-founded 5th Republic Movement as an organ to later seize state power through a total counter-hegemonic movement involving, now, the element of soft power and social psychology. This led to eventual electoral success which no doubt also included a profound knowledge of Venezuelan constitutional law and procedure.

The Center for Syncretic Studies had hitherto abstained from any official statements regarding the passing of Hugo Chávez. The Center was first alerted to the possibility that the cause of Chávez’s illness was unnatural when his staff first announced his illness in June of 2011. Thus we had suspected for some time that the rapid decline in health after the diagnosis of cancer in was the result of having been intentionally infected by his enemies. In mind was the fact that recent advances in genetic engineering make it possible to create viruses which cause cancer – an oncovirus.

US companies like Monsanto and others have, for some decades, been developing the science behind genetic engineering.  The leading scientists for these firms also conduct parallel research for the military.  The practical use of an oncovirus – related to HIV –  to be used in biological warfare has long been understood by Atlanticist strategists.

onco1 (1)

Scientists working for the US have developed the ability to target the transformation process of the virus into a cancerous tumor – of the sort Chavez died from.   Transformation apparently occurs when a virus infects and genetically alters a cell. The infected cell is regulated by the viral genes and has the ability to undergo abnormal new growth. Scientists working for the US military have been able to discern some commonality among viruses that cause tumors in order to weaponize them. The tumor viruses change cells by integrating their genetic material with the host cell’s DNA. Unlike the integration seen in prophages, this is a permanent insertion in that the genetic material is never removed. The insertion mechanism can differ depending on whether the nucleic acid in the virus is DNA or RNA. In DNA viruses, the genetic material can be directly inserted into the host’s DNA. RNA viruses must first transcribe RNA to DNA and then insert the genetic material into the host cell’s DNA.  This virus can be transmitted through any number of designed ways, including through human contact, food, and air.

Given the Washington Axis’s proclivity for murder as a method with poisoning as a specific method of eliminating its opponents, the modus operandi was already established.

It was understood that any timely statement regarding his passing ought to include this element. As an internal criminal investigation is underway, with significant recent discoveries supporting the allegation of murder, the Center is prepared to join the government of Venezuela in supporting a criminal investigation.
We call on the international community to understand that the weight of the evidence to date supports the official emergent view that President Chávez’s death was a homicide. We urge our contributors and readers to utilize social networking and other organs which already exist in order to make ever more clear the need for public involvement in supporting this and all subsequent investigations.

dnews-files-2013-03-was-hugo-chavez-murdered-130312-660x433-picture-jpg     TOPSHOTS-VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ-DEATH-FUNERAL-CORTEGE

President Chávez will always be remembered for his bold assertion of national autonomy and independence for Latin American governments and for his formidable communication skills, understanding of history and strategy, and personal connection with supporters in his country and abroad to whom he gave hope and empowerment. During his 14-year tenure, Chávez joined other leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean to create new forms of socio-economic integration. These took from market-based economics and central planning, with two successive economic ministers who were educated in Marxist analysis. Venezuelan poverty rates were cut in half, and millions received identification documents for the first time allowing them to participate more effectively in their country’s economic and political life.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appears at ceremo
It is for these reasons that Chávez was viewed as an obstacle if not a serious threat in the Atlanticist plan for world hegemony, which they term ‘Globalization’. We understand that this is a new type of Empire building using a combination of hard and soft power.

Chávez’s protégé and acting president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros – the former bus driver and union militant leader, son of Marxian parents, stands to run in a forthcoming April 2013 election against the pro-Atlanticist nemesis of humanity Henrique Capriles Radonski, millionaire and charged criminal, son of US agent for Kraft and Nabisco, H. Capriles Garcia and the jewish Radonski media-entertainment family. This promises to be the most significant election in the recent history of the region. The Center for Syncretic Studies calls for a decisive victory for Maduro.

maduro_chavez  Maduro

The legacy of Chávez will live on in the struggles against Capitalism and Empire.



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  2. Hugo Chavez. An alien who has walked the earth. A Tarzan in the jungle. A just before God and men. One among the none. One like no other. History does not have to be forfeited to fit and suit his image.His work is enough to talk about Him for eternity. .A lover, a Humanist and a liberator.of the oppressed . He has freed half of his country from criminal injustice, suffering and poverty . From oppressive treatment under the grip of the strong evil self-centered ones. He had succeeded in bringing a change according to his nature knowing that it would be a slap in the face of the demons. He has succeeded where Jesus Christ Himself seemed to have failed on the cross. The modern days slavery designers must have hated him for his good deeds and his loving heart.. His name shall remain forever for he can never die. Hugo Chavez. A human being who has lived among us. A god in the midst of wicked men. A giant tree who just fell after growing taller than all other trees His roots has traveled to all the other continents. May one of them spring up after Him. Hugo Chavez. A God in the midst of men. His legacy has made of Him the greatest man and Hero who has ever lived this planet. May His name be venerated forever and ever!.He has not passed. He is eternal. .

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  4. My comment is awaitng moderation???? you know why is awaiting moderation??? becouse you know this article is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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