Tribune: Russian Spring- The Ukrainian Crisis and Prospects of Federal State of Novorossiya

Small Logo By: J.V Capone

Tribune: Russian Spring- The Ukrainian Crisis and Prospects of Federal State of Novorossiya

old-english-calligraphy-alphabet-the following is a translation of an article about this public educational, co-sponsored by the Center for Syncretic Studies, which appeared in New Serbian Political Thought (NSPM) Magazine, in Serbia.  Оргинал на српском се може наћии на овом линку – The original can be found here: Трибина ”Руско пролеће- украјинска криза и перспективе Новорусије” .  It covers last week’s public educational ‘Tribunal’ led by several of Serbia’s geopolitical analysts, for the residents of Sremska Mitrovica. The presentations were given by  Milos Milojevic, Joaquin Flores, & Dragana Trifkovic. Continue reading

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Mainstream and Alternative Approaches to Regional Subsystems

Small Logo By: Andrew Korybko

Mainstream and Alternative Approaches to Regional Subsystems

Multipolarity, Big Spaces, Eurasianism, Ethnogenesis, and the Clash of Civilizations

[The following brief is from a series in our exclusive collection of the previously unpublished notes and works of the author – Ed. (JV Capone)]

old-english-calligraphy-alphabet-the mainstream approach towards regional subsystem (RSS) formation is that it is formed on the common perception of friends vs. enemies, amity vs enmity. Buzan and Weaver also state that a RSS is a so-called “structured region” that may not necessarily be geographically contiguous. Continuing along the tangent of a RSS being created through perceptions (the constructivist IR school), then it is evident that there most definitely exists RSS in North America and Europe. North America (the US, Canada, and to a large extent, Mexico) have the same perceptions of threats and challenges. All three states also cooperate extensively in their economic relations via NAFTA, reinforcing the liberalist theory that institutional measures may bring states closer together through shared interests.

1393162473821Europe, in the context of the EU, contains a myriad of states, but by and large, none of the members have any uncontrollable enmity towards one another. They do not view the governments of fellow EU members as threats to their security, although they may have internalized certain stereotypes about their neighbors that affect their dealings with other ethnic groups.  Nonetheless, none of the EU member states are preparing for war against one another, and any type of rivalry between them is principally economic, not military. Continue reading

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Boris Nad: We are Witnessing a Deep Crisis in the Model that is Offered by the EU and USA

Small Logo By: Tesa Tesanovic

We are Witnessing a Deep Crisis in the Model that is Offered by the EU and USA

Member of the Executive Board of the Center for Syncretic Studies, Boris Nad, has given an interview for Serbian news portal, which we are reproducing.


The price of oil has risen in last 6 months on lowest level since economic crisis of 2008. Who benefits from global drop of oil prices? Who is behind it?

502377t’s actually a war being waged that USA has led for a long time with all means necessary, with the help its allies. (Before then for centuries the same was done by Britain). The fall of ruble and artificial lowering of oil prices, in both cases as a consequence of speculations on world market, are just its last episodes. War in the ruins of Ukraine has similar meaning for US strategists.

Continue reading

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Cui bono? Why 12-15 Was an Inside Job

10271488_10152067198332927_1722592603781361495_n By: N Wahid Azal

Cui bono? Why 12-15 Was an Inside Job

The Australian deep state, manufacturing domestic consent, gearing for a future war with Iran, fueling Islamophobia, the patsy “mad sheikh” Man Haron Monis and the Lindt café siege


An act of terror generally…[is]…capable of rippling waves of public indignation, and accordingly provides the adversarial faction(s) with the pretext for commencing war. Recruiting terrorists never seems a problem: these appear at the basic level to be a loose collection of desperadoes, who end up being easily trained, provisioned, and oriented by the undercover intelligence services…   Continue reading

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Manuel Ochsenreiter: Тoday´s Тhreat to Europe is the US Occupation

Manuel Ochsenreiter: Тoday´s Тhreat to Europe is the US Occupation


Nedic's_Serbia_coat_of_arms Interviewer: Dragana Trifkovic

* Manuel Ochsenreiter  is an award winning German journalist who regularly appears on RT covering subjects ranging from US military and economic hegemony in the world, to socio-political matters within Europe.  Ochsenreiter was from 2004-2011 chief editor of Deutschen Militärzeitschrift, for which he continues to write.  In March 2011, he moved to the same position for monthly Zuerst!

* Dragana Trifkovic is the Director General of the Center for Geostrategic Studies, and is an Engineer, Author (FSJ, Geopolitika, Novi Standard, NSPM, Zuerst), as well as a Member of the DSS political council.  She writes regular columns and articles for Serbian political, ideological, geostrategic and geopolitical publications, and has appeared numerous times on Serbian television.   Continue reading

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