Shaping the Discourse: CSS Activity Report to the Public

A Review of the Center for Syncretic Studies’ Recent and Upcoming Work


Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 9.38.58 PMs enumerated in our mission statement and “Our Goals” section, the Center for Syncretic Studies is committed to shaping intellectual and political discourse in an interdisciplinary, and ultimately syncretic manner through a diverse range of media. In this spirit, many of our research fellows and associates’ contributions to such fields as political science, international relations, geopolitics, and religious and esoteric studies can be found across a plethora of different journals, sites, and media interfaces independent of the Center’s own direct projects of Fort Russ News and Eurasianist Internet Archive

In recent months, our colleagues have committed a number of significant works to external publication which deserve highlighting. Additionally, we will inform the public of some of our present internal projects to the extent possible. 

CSS research fellow Paul Antonopoulos has led the way with a number of academic and popular research and publication initiatives in political analysis. Just two days ago, the Journal for Somali Studies published Mr. Antonopoulos’ latest article on China’s economic strategy in the Horn of Africa, which follows his recent publication in the Journal of


Eurasian Affairs, which CSS has facilitated and published on several past occasions, entitled “Resistance, Hegemony and the Western Imperial Left’s Contradictions in the Syrian War.” All of this comes on the heels of Mr. Antonopoulos’ representation of the Center at a recent security conference in Pakistan. This security conference was significant, and comes specifically at a time when Pakistan’s security services and deep-state are realizing a sea-change in their orientation to the multipolar revolution presently underway. 

In this very same recent Journal of Eurasian Affairs issue, readers can find two articles by the leading Russian political philosophers Alexander Dugin and Leonid Savin translated by the Center’s very own research fellow and special projects director Jafe Arnold, as well as an original article by Arnold which explores a hitherto unstudied aspect of Eurasianism. Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.08.48 PM

Hand in hand with this, the Center’s project Eurasianist Internet Archive recently saw Arnold, who serves as its Founding Editor, credited in the new French edition of Alexander Dugin’s Mysteries of Eurasia, published by Ars Magna, for providing the first-ever English translations of these unique works by Dr. Dugin from which the French edition was translated and produced. Simultaneously, CSS will be releasing the first ever English edition of Mysteries of Eurasia, which will be available in print as well as across several platforms and mediums. Among these mediums will be CSS’s own printing operation, established in 2016. Furthermore, we will be bringing forth these and other original translations by EIA in print form in the future. 

Arnold also recently published some fresh research into esotericism with an article on the Atlantis and Hyperborea myths. This accompanies Arnold’s new column series published by CSS, The Multipolar Revolution: Syncretic Perspectives, soon to enter its third installment. 

Meanwhile, CSS’ Director Joaquin Flores in his capacity as Chief Editor, has launched a new Fort Russ News content development and dissemination model aimed at overcoming the increasing censorship and isolation created by the Atlanticists’ increasingly repressive regime. This regime is legitimized under the rubric of the lowest common denominator of what is ‘appropriate’ for children – suffocation through infantilization – what Flores has termed ‘Kinderfaschismus‘, or the domestic corollary of what is known abroad as ‘human rights imperialism‘.  Flores has recruited and is recruiting writers, activists, and analysts to engage FRN’s new media approach by having their own regular columns at FRN. So far, and in just a short time, this has led to nearly a dozen (and growing) new authors contributing their perspectives to Fort Russ News. Interested authors are invited to contact and forward submissions to the CSS-FRN staff by finding the contact line here.

In addition, Flores continues to provide professional political, ideological, and ultimately electoral consultation to New Resistance leadership, as well as, to a lesser extent, other political formations on the ‘hard left’ and the ‘alt right’. 

Flores will also be building a new Youtube Channel called ‘Trans-Atlantic Panic‘, or TAP, along with CSS-FRN’s Inessa Sinchougova. Sinchougova has been taking a well deserved sabbatical, but will be building and developing TAP this coming Fall with Flores. 

Last but definitely not least, CSS’ new Journal of Syncretic Studies, co-edited by both Flores and Antonopoulos, has advanced past its submissions stage and is moving towards the publication of its first issue with a number of articles by scholars and independent researchers from the social studies, humanities, and offering unique syncretic perspectives towards an interdisciplinary approach to subjects previously academically segregated. 

Impressively, these publications and more have been accomplished at a time when both Fort Russ News and the Center’s pages and staff have been targeted by social media censorship, culminating in CSS director Flores publicly announcing his departure from Facebook, citing censorship, shadow-banning, and data-mining/privacy concerns. In what can only be termed a strange if not intuitive coincidence, Flores’ departure was announced just 24 hours before Facebook reported its largest single stock devaluation in not only the company’s history, but in the history of the stock market. Analysts would go on to cite specifically the same reasons for the $120 billion loss on that day that Flores did the day before.

Taken all together, CSS is both satisfied and optimistic with its present work, successes, and projects in development. We look forward to continued engagement with our growing base of supporters and contributors. 







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