Explaining The Battle For Donetsk Airport


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Explaining The Battle For Donetsk Airport

Video: interview with Joaquin Flores – 9 minutes

old-english-calligraphy-alphabet-t578x319he Donetsk airport served not a direct military role, but a political one, as Flores explains in this 9 minute piece.  The US was using this airport as a makeshift military base to house the operations of Death Squads.  These Death Squads were going out at night and engaging in murders, kidnappings/abductions, rapes, assassinations, and sabotage.

The following write-up also by Flores contains additional information and background not contained in the video piece.


The US’s Use of Death Squads in Novorossiya & Ukraine

By: Joaquin Flores

These US-backed death squads were using close range mortars to shell random locations within the city.  This resulted in the deaths of scores of civilians since the start of the fictional ceasefire.

death squad el playonThe US has regularly used Death Squads in all of its wars following WWII.  Especially infamous were their use in Latin America during US fueled civil wars and counter-insurgency operations in El Salvador and Nicaragua, during the Reagan and Bush I administrations.  Since then they have played a critical role in the US occupation and operations in Iraq and Syria.

Even where the actual targets are themselves of limited tactical importance, the use of the tactic itself is ‘the target’; meaning that the overall short and long-term effect on the collective psyche of the target population is the goal itself.  This is often referred to as a “strategy of tension“.  It is a form of psychological warfare developed as a standard doctrine with nearly universal application within the framework of 3GW.  Its increase in efficacy correlates to the increase of urban populations of scale, and relies upon reporting by TV and newspaper printed photographs in order that the maximum horror/gore component can be widely advertised.

The political goal was to provoke a rhetorical change from the Russian side, and to build animosity between Novorossiyans and Russians, with the former blaming the latter for ‘not doing enough’.  The question of whether or not Russia ‘can do more’, when viewed in the abstract, does not reveal the delicate and nuanced reality and long-range plan within context specific scenarios.  In the information war, critics of Russian reluctance to engage in ever increasing bellicosity do so for complex and varying reasons, and are often times done with opposite goals in mind, and are targeted at greatly different audiences.

Pro-Russian rebels get ready to take position near the Sergey Prokofiev International Airport during fighting with Ukrainian government forces in the town of Donetsk, eastern UkraineThe military actions in Donetsk are the product of serious consideration and should be considered actions of necessity.  Each action by the Novorossiyans must be couched in such a manner which allows their significance to be downplayed by Poroshenko, in order to avoid a continued divergence between himself and the Pravy Sektor.  To a large extent, these are unavoidable as it is likely that these tensions are staged, as both the ‘moderate’ Poroshenko government and the Pravy Sektor are US backed projects aimed at producing a certain scripted drama-play outcome.  Poroshenko’s anti-Russian rhetoric must be vague in scope, and must not point to actual failures within various skirmishes and battles, alike.  Poroshenko is in a very delicate position, and his actions insofar as they are of his own wanting, will reflect the degree to which he wants to remain ‘in power’ in Kiev.

With this in mind, and counseled by the Russian military specialists, the Novorossiyan command made a plan to execute the decision, being to extract by means of force or surrender, the KJ forces occupying the airport.

UKRAINE-RUSSIA-POLITICS-CRISIS-EAST-DONETSK-AIRPORTCommander ‘Motorola’ assembled the extraction team, and moved in to secure the facility. At the time of publishing, the underground of the airport still contained KJ death squads, who refuse to surrender.  Most of these are foreign nationals, working as mercenaries, and employed by the US.


Details and other angles are also discussed by Flores in the video piece, as well as the controversy surrounding the utility of the airport as a target worth taking losses to secure – JVC

7 thoughts on “Explaining The Battle For Donetsk Airport

  1. I did not know of the deathsquads, the rapes I heard of later, and the torture-killings. I bet when they find the bodies they won’t find anything pointing at where they are from and who they are for reasons of plausible deniability. To me it seems that the there is so much at stake the EU is willing to add another round of sanctions. Seems pre-emptive to me, like they are afraid of what will be found and who was behind it. I bet the media won’t report any of this as it hasn’t done since the “ceasefire”. Keep up the good work Joaquin! Thanks to you I have sharpened my BS sensor.

  2. I would like to add one point, if the airport battle finishes soon or later doesn’t matter for the Kiev Junta; they want to achieve the total destruction of one more key infrastructure in Novorossiya.

  3. Joaquin, what proof is there that the Kyiv forces are engaging in such crimes? (Or, for that matter, of the US affiliations of many of the perpetrators?) Feel free to post videos in Russian as I speak it.

    I understand that, even if this story is completely true, proof may be rather hard to obtain in the midst of fighting and thus we shouldn’t assume that better proof will not be available once it concludes.


    • Caleb, If you read Russian, and the subject is interesting to you, then you should research it with open eyes and an open mind. To begin with, is lots of eye witness testimony, and first hand reports: kidnappings, abductions, disappearances, etc. Google is a great search in engine to start with, the terms of search are ones you’d probably guess correctly.

      Good luck!


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