Deconstructing The Western Tradition, Part I

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Deconstructing The Western Tradition, Part I.

A brief introduction to a critical analysis of ‘primary’ source material as the foundation of the so-called Western Tradition which focuses on the work of Herodotus

The problem of historical chronology is one which until recently garnered little attention. With the development of the information revolution through the internet, broader segments of humanity were given access to academic source and primary source material. Thus the academic “Ausländer”, the Generalist, and free-thinking layman alike were able to, for the first time, critically review the ‘iron tenants’ of many fields including historiography.   Continue reading

City of Gods

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Boris Nad

Introduction by Joaquin Flores:

We at the Center are honored to begin a series of reproduction of the works of Serbian writer, novelist, socio-cultural and political theorist and commentator Boris Nad.  We would like our readers to take notice of the description of several details which coincide with early Christian manifestations. Continue reading