Tim Kirby

1Tim Kirby is the Ideological Director, Eurasia Research Fellow, & Multimedia Project Director at the Center for Syncretic Studies.

Tim has been working in the realm of political analysis and media project development for the last ten years mostly in the Russian media sphere. He has been a part of large media companies like RT, Tsargrad TV and Mayak Radio.

He won the “Radiomania” award for best political talk show on Russian radio and the Fourth Estate award for excellence in journalism. Tim has lectured at most major Russian universities.

For CSS Tim makes the ongoing YouTube series “The Fourth Position” in which be breaks down the ideas surrounding the next political theory that is coalescing right now in the wake of the post-Cold War ideological vacuum. Each video in this series represents a chapter in an upcoming book of the same title which goes more in depth into each topic and will be published upon completion of the series.

Tim also maintains the Moscow bureau. Tim is from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States.