Interview with Socialist Leader James Porrazzo

Serbian_Radical_Party_logo small By: Tesha Teshanovic


“Everyone in Serbia who believes in the good intentions of the United States makes a big mistake” – James Porrazzo



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In the United States, despite massive brainwashing of people using globalist ideas, there are people who think differently. Our Tesha Teshanovic  talked with James Porrazzo, leader of north American anti-globalization organization “New Resistance”.. New Resistance is a loosely structured network of political activists gathered to combat capitalism and American imperialism. Continue reading


Worker’s Party Comrades Sentenced: J. Porrazzo Speaks Out!


Socialist James Porrazzo on the Sentencing of Turkish Comrades

“New Resistance send our loudest voice of solidarity to our Comrades from the Turkish Workers Party and the Turkish people on the news of the criminal sentence of Dogu Perincek and other Turkish patriots and revolutionaries to what amounts to much more than life sentences. Continue reading