Interview with Socialist Leader James Porrazzo

Serbian_Radical_Party_logo small By: Tesha Teshanovic


“Everyone in Serbia who believes in the good intentions of the United States makes a big mistake” – James Porrazzo



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In the United States, despite massive brainwashing of people using globalist ideas, there are people who think differently. Our Tesha Teshanovic  talked with James Porrazzo, leader of north American anti-globalization organization “New Resistance”.. New Resistance is a loosely structured network of political activists gathered to combat capitalism and American imperialism.

Teshanovic: The US has caused much harm to Serbian people in the last 20 years. What is your opinion about the Serbian struggle against Western imperialism?

Porrazzo: I’ve always personally supported the heroic struggle of the Serbian people since the 90’s. The Serbs have suffered extreme injustice at the hands of capitalist globalization from the West. It is a great crime, and if ever there is an international tribunal for war crimes, on trial would have to be the bastard who ordered and carried out the bombing of Serbia and supported anti-Serbian forces in Bosnia and elsewhere.

The government’s policy toward Serbia was the same old story: corrupt, maim and rob all the former communist countries in Eastern Europe, and to prevent the creation of the Eurasian anti-globalization alliance.  Everyone in Serbia who believes in the psychopathic leadesr of the United States makes a big mistake.


chavezT: One of the biggest problems today is American imperialism, whose negative effects can be seen everywhere. What has created the need for the United States to become the world’s policeman? Would you please tell us something about the Anglo-Saxon evangelistic proselytizing mentality that created the basis of the policy the United States?

P: The desire for power and inexhaustible greed. The combination of Anglo-Saxon elites and their Zionist brothers who managed the United States government, both visible and invisible elite, see the world, as well as the people within its borders, as the slaves; an expendable resource that is there to serve them. Calling the elite “devils” would be insufficient to describe them.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Just look at the news to see what kind of monsters are created around the world. In Syria they armed psychopathic cannibals against the Syrian army, and still have the guts to call freedom fighters in Novorossiya “terrorists” and “criminals”. To invest in the game are not so high, the whole situation would be almost ridiculous.

T: In the United States government and its critics believe the liberal economy. Why are Americans so obsessed with the free market? What is your point to capitalism?

Freedom for CarlosP: Capitalism or institutionalized looting, selfishness and greed are a kind of religion for the pigs that govern the United States. The Democratic and Republican parties are united in this, just showing different shades of the same disease.  Most of the right-wing opposition here, including the reactionary extreme right, are infected by this disease. It can be seen from the fact that hardly wait to cast aspersions onto any other organization with a revolutionary social program, such as as ours.

For us, the absolute enemy is the cult of the golden calf.  We are open to discuss common goals with all genuine anti-capitalists. The struggle against capitalism must always be a priority.

The system that we propose? New Resistance suggests a civilized, sustainable and just society, where the economy is subordinated to the social good.

Is it true that free markets are really free? No, history shows us that they are not.

T: Your organization is one of the very few organizations in the United States to support the struggle of the Donbas people against the Kiev Junta and Western interests.  Why support  Donbas?

P: We see this as a real opportunity, that in our lifetime, we see some of our ideas implemented in something actually existing, in the struggle of the people of Donbas to create their state.  The ideology and social program Donetsk People’s Republic is very close to us.  This may be a victory for our side, the first in a series of future victories.

There is no way to remain silent before such an important issue.

blame the boss

T: We are living in the last age, of the collapse of the West. Would you please tell us something about social alienation, de-masculinization, feminism, drug use, lack of education, obesity, death, tradition … and other social ills created by the capitalist system in the United States? Is the United States moving toward its end?

P: The American dream is in reality more like an apocalyptic horror movie.  All the things you mentioned, and more, are quite common here. Anything bad can happen to you at any time and frequently really does happen.

There are plenty of people who resist these influences, of course, but we are strictly speaking behind enemy lines. The enemy controls all the police and the army loyally serves the poisonous ideas, much of the masses on the street believe that the system is correct.

But history shows that things can change in no time. One spark can cause a forest fire.  We are trying to be the spark.

Whether the United States will disappear? It is our hope, and we fight for that by all means.  The death of the United States would be a victory for the whole of mankind.

new resistanceT: And if you consider yourself a traditionalist, a lot of your political idols are leftists (Che Guevara, Mao Tse Tung, Allende, Castro, Chavez).  Is the difference between left and right is still relevant? Is anti-communism is just another in a series of American follies? Is reconciliation possible left and right?

P: Probably 90 percent of my ideas comes from the Left. From what is considered right wing, there is Dugin, de Benoist and Thiriart that are very important.  But I do not think they are really even right-wingers.  For us it is only being correct that we care for.  The goals of the ‘Right’ are usually not right.  I do not think that it is in conflict with the fact that I consider myself a traditionalist. Moreover I believe that those who like Evola, Guenon or Danielou today feel quite comfortable in our circles.

Is anti-communism ideological trap?  Yes, of course.  Again and again the right anti-communist serve only to dogs of war for the capitalists.  Look at the Right Sector.  Covered with runes, using Nazi slogans, carry images of Bandera while on a leash kept by the oligarch Kolomoysky, who is ironically solidly Jewish.  This is exactly where the stupid anti-communism flows.  Was there ever any of these groups who even threw a stone at the capitalist?

It would be good to see reconciliation on the hand hand with what is good on the political right, and with the right-wingers who oppose capitalism enough to fight against it, and on the other hand with what is good on the political left, and to the leftists who are brave enough to rid their social values of the influence of liberalism.  Such a reconciliation would be a dream come true.

( Tesha Tešanović) The original in Serbian can be viewed here:


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