Robert Stark Interviews Joaquin Flores

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Robert Stark Interviews Joaquin Flores

RobertStark   FloresRobert Stark of Stark Truth Interviews Joaquin Flores of New Resistance, Center for Syncretic Studies, and Serbian Radical Party

Audio: 52 minutes – link at bottom



Joaquin Flores is a spokesman for New  Resistance and runs The Center For Syncretic Studies.

Topics include:

New Resistance

The Center For Syncretic Studies

How he started off on the radical left

Modern day Bourgeois Liberalsim

Bourgeois Nationalism versus Revolutionary Nationalism

Latin American movements such as the Sandinistas, Peronist, and Bolivarist

Why he chose Serbia as his center of operation

Why he predicts World War IV starting in Eastern Europe

The situation in the Middle East

European Nationalism and the New Right

The need for a Left/Right alliance against the Plutocracy

The link below goes to Stark Truth Radio, where the podcast can be heard, with additional link for free download.


1 thought on “Robert Stark Interviews Joaquin Flores

  1. Here’s a video of Sergei Glazyev, advisor to President Putin, on the importance of Russia intervening in Novorossia as soon as possible. He makes a point that you can’t depend on the people rising up to throw out the Nazis because of the socio-economic situaion going forward. It’s too dangerous to wait much longer. I’m now of the opinion that Russia for defensive purposes will have to intervene and smash the junta forces first in Lugansk and Donetsk and then in other regions. Porshenko and the Nazis make no bones about war with Russia. Russia has in its right to defend itself and the sooner the better. The longer Russia waits the stronger the Nazis will get. To hell with western public opinion. Russia also can’t wait and depend on Germany to cross over. Protection of the motherland must take priority. Anyhow he will explain the points in the video.

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